Latest version of Android 5.0 Lollipop with LG G3

LG electronics has announced a good news for the LG G3 user that very soon, the user will receive the latest version of Android 5.0 Lollipop. First of all, the company has given the facility for the users living in Poland and the company expects that within a short time, the whole world will be benefited using the latest version of Android. As a result of that, the features of LG G3 include Google’s Material Design theme, a new language with the adequate depth, animations and shadows. The latest version will come with the features of a new layout, color scheme as well as new lock screen. From the company side, it is noted that the new and unique developed OS will provide the user a new security just to make the connectivity strong between the devices. The ultimate result is that Android 5.0 Lollilop OS will make the LG G3 user benefited and satisfied completely. So for your betterment, you need to check the latest upgradation of Android 5.0 Lollipop on the device LG G3.


The unique advantage

When you get a touch of latest version of Android 5.0 Lollipop on the device LG G3, then you will be much more excited as the latest one performs smarter than the previous versions. The latest one has the facility of Google’s Material Design theme, New design language with much more added depth including shadows and animations and many more. With the attachment of up dated OS, the G3 will come with a new developed layout and color scheme along with the new lock screen. Apart from that, it has a new security system with which any user can make the connectivity strong and effective between two or more devices. Moreover, the user will have opportunity to download new software for his or her better understanding and with the software he or she can do many more things to hav a better user experience. As the connectivity system becomes strong, the user can surf through the internet very easily and comfortably in a rocket speed. But before you buy the latest LG G3, you need to have a look on the company website which gives you the perfect idea along with the price of the device.

The price

Regarding the new price of LG G3, you need not be much more worried as the concern of the company puts an affordable price with which no one can face any problem during the time of purchasing this one. In that case, you need to go online and visit the official website of the company. For the betterment of user, the company puts price on the website very clearly so that every one has an exact idea regarding the charges. Even you can avail a discount if you buy a good number of devices. Moreover, you can contact the concern of the company using the phone number or email address mentioned in the website.

HTC Desire 820s

HTC Desire 820s: A package of unique features

HTC has announced Desire 820s which has almost identical specifications. It has a 64 bit 1.7GHz octa-core Media Mt6752 processor along with the connectivity of 4G LTE and Mali T760 GPU. Its core is with 2GB of RAM. It is designed with dual SIM and it runs with Android 4.4 kit kat along with features of 5.5 inch HD display with measured resolution of 720×1280 pixels. This smart phone has a 13 megapixel based camera with LED flash and another 8 megapixel front facing camera which has superb quality. Desire 820s has 16 GB internal storage with one expandable via micro SD card with the capacity of 128GB. The connectivity is supported with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPRS, GPS/ A-GPS and even 4G LTE. Though this phone is more advantageous, the price is easily affordable. In India, the concern of the company keeps the price from Rs 20,000 to 25,000 which is really affordable for Indian users.

HTC Desire 820s

HTC Desire 820s: Outlook of the device

The HTC Desire 820 has a very good design. On the front, on the very top, there is a speaker and the space is based in white color. On the extreme lower side of the device,a mouth speaker is also placed . Both the top and below spaces are white in color. The back side of the device has a blackish blue color.this unique color combination makes the phone look unique and amazing. The size of this device suits the pocket of every person which makes the carrying of the phone more comfortable and easy. One can grip this phone with his or her palm as this phone’s thickness is extremely less. After all, the looks of the set is excellently good and it is undoubtedly beyond of thoughts.

Features of HTC Desire 820s

The features of the HTC Desire 820s are very unique, thus impressing the younger users of the phone to a great extent. The simplicity of the phone makes it easy for the older generation to operate the device. It has 64 bit 1.7GHz octa-core MT6752 MediaTek. The set is supported with 4G LTE for connectivity and as a result of that, the user will use this device with a good connection. The device has 2GB of RAM for easy and comfortable internet surfing and downloading content. It runs with the popular software base called Android 4.4 kit kat and a good screen resolution 720×1280 measuring 5.5 inch HD surely provides a good prospect for the phone user. The storage capacity of this smart phone is great and the device has 16GB internal storage with expandable measuring up to 128GB. Definitely, this device is comparable with HTC Desire 820, HTC Desire 820q.

HTC Desire 820s Price

It is sure and certain that the set has the latest feature oriented benefits. But it is good to hear that the price level is really affordable and hence can be bought by all the economic classes. In India, the price of the device falls between Rs 20,000 to Rs 25,000.

best android apps

5 Best Android Apps for you

Have you recently bought a new smartphone? Are you looking for some extra-ordinary applications from which you can get an extra benefit in your personal work or some entertainment? If the answer goes ‘yes’, then you need to follow some unique apps which are totally free and easy to access. With these applications, you will be able to do your jobs in better way.

best android apps


Suppose you face some traffic jam and cannot a get good connectivity with your targeted persons, you need to use Traffline with which you will be able to avoid traffic jam every day and can take the right way to reach your destination. Basically, whenever you are stuck up in a traffic route, then you need to find out the shortcut and traffic free path with the help of Traffline. In the regards, you have to put your inputs regarding traffic in to the location. But one thing is that this application is available only in the major metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai etc.


For photo editing,  a large number of applications are available  in the play store. Among all these, PicsArt is completely unique and effective as it has a lot of benefits when compared with the other applications. With the help of this one, you can edit photos; you can change your photo into work of art with the help of draw tools and DrawCam. Apart from that, this application also provides you its own social network where you will have opportunity to share your photo collections and can grab the attention of other users.

Double twist

This application is like Swiss Knife to be used for the multimedia applications. With the help of this one, you can be able to listen radio, music or play game and even do watching movies. Using Double Twist, you will be able to connect your iPhone with the Airplay Bluetooth speakers. This application has simple using interface which really help you to get the actual success.


This application is a learning base component with which you can be able to learn new languages. Basically, you will be able to learn Spanish, German, French, Portuguese and English. It has a set of effective tools and once you install the application in your device, you cannot miss to learn the language properly. It is very simple and user friendly. With this application, you will be able to get regular progress reports through regular skill tests.

MX Player

MX Player is completely a video player that is used in the Android Phones. Among several video players’ applications, MX player has been most effective and user friendly application. It supports different decoders and gives hardware and software acceleration with more than subtitle formats. Using one touch, you can increase and decrease the sound effects and change the brightness of screen. Just by swiping your finger, you can navigate your video picture. Moreover, you can use it to keep your private videos safe from the outsiders.

Audio Technica’s ATH- S300 for the best listening experience

The latest device developed by Audio Technica, ATH-S300 provides a very good quality head phone for music lovers especially for the young chaps. The device is shaped with 1.2, round cable along with 3.5mm audio jack angled at 90 degrees. It provides completely noise free sound and no humming comes in the midst of any kind of music. For the customers to make a unique choice, the company provides the headphones different colors excluding black. Anyone can use this headphone with Xolo Q700, Sony XperiaZ3, Moto X and higher graded smart phone.

Best features and building affair

The company provides headphones in various colors. Apart from the color. It is very important to note that it is more functional than its looks and styles. The ATH S300 is manufactured with 1.2m round cable and 3.5mm audio jack with 90 degree shape of angle. The cans are surrounded by the foam made of faux leather material. Its noise isolation feature is really good making the listening experience of a user comfortable and memorable

The price

ATH-S300 provides good headphones with the best noise isolation feature. The headphone is processed with good sound technique, but it is very important to know weather the price of this device is affordable. To know the exact price of this device, you can go online and search in the company’s official website where you can notice the exact price Rs. 3,199 which is really beyond thought. Apart from price range, you can seek more information related to the product features and contact details like phone number or the email address to but the device.

All you Need to Know about Apple Pay Mobile payment Service

Applet Inc. launched a mobile payment service Apple Pay which allows users to make mobile payments through its recently launched devices iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Watch-compatible devices (iPhone 5 and later models), iPad Air 2, and iPad Mini 3. It works with devices having NFC so iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will work but older devices like iPhone 5, 5S can work with the iWatch though it doesn’t have the Touch ID security.

Even though, mobile payments have been around for several years, Apple pay is the vital step towards making contactless transactions mainstream and the future of mobile payment is easy, secure and brighter than ever. Any store having NFC-enabled point –of-sale system can work with Apple Pay. The service is launched in US initially and it will be launched worldwide after sometime.

The payments can be made at retail and online stores with the support of various banks, credit card companies, and retailers. The number of banks supporting Apple pay is exhaustive: Bank of America, Chase, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Wells Fargo, Citi, Capital One and more will be accepting payments through Apple Pay.

How does Apple Pay Mobile payment Service work?

Apple pay works with passbook, which is installed in iPhone devices. You can add you debit or credit cards in Passbook once you launch the app. It will as simple as taking a picture, that would be stored in Passbook or enabling a card which is setup in iTunes for wireless payments.

Once done you can walk into any store swipe your card using iPhone or Apple watch to a payment terminal supporting NFC connectivity, the default card will appear on the terminal or you could select a different one if needed, wait for authorization and walk out of the store. For iPhone 6, you need to authorize the payment by TouchID, fingerprint sensor for approving the transaction while for Apple watch you just need to tap on the button.

How secure is Apple Pay Mobile payment Service?

Of course, security will be a huge concern for the Apple pay users and undoubtedly Apple has taken several measures to ensure the payments are secure and easy.

Apple Pay uses a security feature called tokenization where each credit card’s account number is replaced with a token which is a randomly generated string, before the merchant’s point-of-sale system receives the payment data. The credit card numbers are also stored in a chip on the device called Secure Element, these numbers are not stored on Apple servers and are not used by Apple in any way. Also using tokenization ensures, the random numbers cannot be decrypted to find the actual credit card number. These numbers will only remain in the device. Since the actual account number isn’t shared with the merchant there is no data to steal.

Apple has moved one step ahead of its competitors by using Secure Element and tokenization. NFC is by nature very secure and Apple has also made sure that hackers have less chances to steal data.

Lenovo Vibe Z2 Phablet: Next generation Tablet

Lenovo has launched a fabulous phablet, Vibe Z2 Pro which is the spiritual successor like K900 in the Indian market. It has bells including whistles in this flagship device. Apart from these, the device is processed with High-end quad-core Processor, a good number of Ram, inbuilt storage, good feature oriented camera with a big screen. As it has lot of software facility, so that it would be very attractive among global customers. It’s design and size are most comfortable for which anyone can carry this one very easily. It’s dimension is 156×81.3×7.7mm with a slippery body. In the audio portion, anyone can notice one 3.5mm audio jack and at the bottom of the device, there is a Micro-USB port with OTG support along with a small speaker. On the right hand side, there is power button and tray used for two Micro-SIM cards. Above on the screen, you can notice front camera and earpiece.

Software specification of Lenovo Vibe Z2 Phablet

Vibe Z2 is processed with snapdragon 801 Soc along with the touch of quad-core processor. It has 330 GPU having features of 3GB RAM. It is processed with 32GB internal storage capacity. Whatever the RAM and internal storage in the device, the most of users use it very awesomely. It has been facilitated with 16-megapixel camera with LED flash in the dual mode and stabilization in optical image. The camera has been suited for 4K videos. Apart from the back camera, it has front base camera with 5- megapixel images. In the sense of wireless connectivity, it has Wi-Fi, blue tooth and other supports like NFC. It is good to hear that this phablet can also connect to 4G and with one out of two, anyone can connect in 3G networks. It is the third smart phone with a facility of QHD screen. Vibe Z2 Pro is customized with UI 20 skin with touch of 4.4.2 kitkat It has bundles of many applications like Truecaller, TXT ebooks navigate, Evernote, Facebook and many more. It has good game features like Asphalt 8, Real football 2014, Spider- Man: Ultimate Power.

Lenovo Vibe Z2 Phablet Performance

The phablet is the most effective in the sense of playing game or HD video. This one is managed with the latest videos All level of users can use the device very comfortably and easily. It has a pretty one bundled ear phones which are really good to listen and watching videos with isolation. It has a large 4,000mAh battery which gives the best way for the internal hardware and QHD screen. Once is charged, then it is lasted for 9 hours and 24 minutes. For the best benefit, it has power saving mode along with emergency mode which really are much more suitable for calling and messaging functions.

Cost of Lenovo Vibe Z2 Phablet

Regarding the cost of the device, anyone has not to think much more as it’s price one smartphone lover can afford easily. With the price of Rs. 32,990, you can get bigger screen with superior resolution and better batter life.

Huawei Honor 4 for best touch experience

Recently, the Chinese brand telecommunication named Huawei has launched Honor 4x mobile device in China, but it is not reported by the authority when the set is available in other countries. This small and cute device is a dual SIM supported mobile with 64 bit and its processor is 1.2GHz quad core qualcomm snapdragon under 410 MSM8916. It has good features like 5.5 inch IPS HD with 720×1280 pixels and it is completely based on Android 4.4 kit kat along with Emotional 3.0. The Honor 4X is chip base supported by 2GB of RAM as well as Adreno 306 GPU. It has internal storage capacity measuring 8GB space. Apart from that, the memory is expandable with MicroSD card up to 32GB. Its connectivity is with the different modes like 4G LTE, Bluetooth4.0 GPS/A-GPS, 80211b/g/n, Wi-Fi and USB 2.0. This small device is powered by a strong battery in powering with 3000mAh, and with this capability any user will be able to use the phone at a stretch for up to 72 hours. The front side is black color and the back end of the set is still bodied. Its thickness definitely attracts the user from the any side

Huawei Honor 4X Camera with other features

Basically, Huawei Honor 4X is good feature oriented and in that regards, its camera quality really comes at the top level. It has 13 megapixel camera made by Sony along with f/20 aperture in the back side and on the front side, there is 5 megapixel front base camera. The battery of this phone as it can be used for long hours. Generally, this one continues to run at a stretch for 72 hours with the power by its durable battery measured by 3000mAh. It is supported with the good connectivity media like 4G LTE, Bluetooth4.0, Wi-Fi, 80211b/g/n and the help of USB 2.0. The system is completely Android base in the latest up gradation mode with the facility of 2GB RAM. The screen size of the devices is 5.5 inch attached with IPS HD. It has inbuilt memory measuring capacity of 8GB. The concern of the company assures that this phone will be available in the market in December 2014.

Software and other specifications of Huawei Honor 4X

The OS system of Huawei Honor 4X is the Android’s latest version KitKat 404. It has recent and up dated processor that is measuring 64 bit and 1.2GHz quad core qualcomm snapdragon 410 MSM8916. The device is completely supported by the system of chipset with the capacity of 2GB RAM. It is processed with the inbuilt storage capacity of 8GB and anyone can increase the capacity with the help of MicroSD card and it can go up to 32GB. As it is processed with latest Android Kitkat 4.4, the user will use the device with different dimensional features. Undoubtedly, the user can take this device for user friendly use and without any hassle, the user can go with it for a long time.

Vivo X5 Max review

Vivo X5 Max – Complete Review and Leaked Specifications

 The huge success received by the fellow vendors made the Chinese smartphone company Vivo which is the sixth largest Chinese company has made its way all towards India by partnering itself with Viacom 18 Integrated Network Solutions.

It is all set to launch the world’s slimmest phone Vivo X5 Max as a Christmas and New Year treat for the stylish and trendy mobile lovers. The launch of this slim and sexy phone is slatted on December 10th 2014. As the product launches it will be the leading slimmest mobile taking the place ahead of Gionee Elife S5.1.

Vivo X5 Max review

Vivo X5 Max Leaked Specifications

As the mobile is still not released in the market and has got certified only in China the specifications of the mobile are leaked

Android 4.4 KitKat, Operating System

5.5 inch FHD 1080 pixels display

1.7 GHz octa core MediaTek processor

2 GB of Ram

16 GB internal capacity and additional 12 GB expandable

13 MP primary camera with 5 MP front camera

4.75 mm thin and 3.75 mm if camera bulge is excluded.

The specifications of the product seems to extremely attractive and of course the gadgets lovers can’t stop from grabbing it. Reports say that by shifting 90 % of the vital parts to the side of the screen the company was capable of producing such thin device.

Competitors of Vivo X5 Max

The earlier version of Gionee Elife S5.1 was the slimmest mobile. Its major specifications are: 5.2 inch full HD and 1.5 GHz space, qualcomm snapdragon octa core processor and cost 18,999. There were also other devices like OPPO R5 which had 4.85 mm thickness. But Vivo is much slimmer than these two devices.

Fame of Vivo

After the press event on December 10 by the Chinese Smartphone manufacturers the mobile will be launched. Some of the Vivo’s photos are released just in China and it has easily gained the fame of being “Hi-Fi”, slim and music will be awesome as far as the picture shows. Vivo got certified by TENAA one of the China’s equivalent to FCC. This year there were several slim mobiles seen in the market and soon there will be another leader winning the race.


The company is already sending huge invites to the media and urging to experience the slim operations through the slim device and smart touch. The specifications of the device are all wonderful and the using them will surely make the Smartphone lovers go crazy. With just 4.75 thickness and high quality 13 MP camera and 16 GB internal space no one could ask for more. The earlier version of slim phone OPPO R5 comes with 5.2’’ FHD AMOLED Display and processor same as GIONEE Elife S5.1 Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 Octa-Core processor with 2GB Ram. The camera has 13 MP rear end supported by Sony IMX214 and 5MP front camera with Android 4.4.4 with attractive Colour os 2.0 layer on top. The price of this mobile is ranged at $499 which is slightly higher than Vivo V5 Max.

Lava Iris Fuel 50 Review and Price

As an avid user of the many apps available on Android based smartphones today, one thing that irks most of us greatly is the frequent need to recharge the battery our phone; only to see it lose power within a few hours of operation. We desperately need a phone with a longer battery life, to spare us the need to have a charger on hand every day. That does not sound too bad until you consider the prospect of attempting to find a charging station in a public place (not a ccd – who even goes there these days?). What irritates us even more is that the smartphone makers know this – but are yet to introduce a phone with a larger battery.

Lava Iris Fuel 50 mobile

Well, looks like someone listened to the impassioned pleas of consumers around the country. Lava is introducing its new Iris Fuel 50 line of smartphones with a massive 3000mAh battery! The company claims it gives around 13 hours of talk time and 360 hours on standby on standard 3G networks. It comes equipped with 1.3 GHz quad core processor (with an unspecified chipset at the time of this writing), 1GB of RAM, and 8 GB internal storage which can be expanded up to 32 GB via a microSD card. It can accommodate two sim cards (GSM+GSM) and the display seems to be a standard 5 inch. To take those gorgeous selfies the Fuel comes packed with an 8 MP camera, and a front facing 2 MP one. The phone runs on Android 4.4 ‘KitKat’.

While this is all great to thinking – how much is this going to set our bank accounts back? Will the company be abe to offer the device for a retail of Rs. 7799 only! So what are you waiting for? The Lava Iris Fuel 50 launches on Friday for the Indian market, and is available only in black at the moment.

galaxy note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Features

Samsung has launched the dual-SIM Galaxy Note 4 in China. The model is divided into three categories like SM-N9109W for China Telecommunication, SM-N9106W for China Unicom and SIM-free called SM-N9108V. It is reported that unlocked version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is compatible for the connectivity 4G LTE. The first one like SM-N9109W of Galaxy Note 4 supports 4G over TDD- LTE and FDD-LTE Networks and the second one only suited for 2G networks. It is dual – SIM supported with 16GB inbuilt storage supported. The battery condition of this device is 3000mAh with which the user will be able to use the latest features of this mobile in a user friendly way. It has processed with 27GHz quad core qualcomm snapdragon 805 processor. This Samsung Galaxy Note 4 runs based on the Android 4.4 Kitkat with 5.7 inch quad HD pixel. It has two types like 27GHz quad core 805 processor based on chipset and the other is 1.9GHz octa-core plus 1.3 GHz quad core. It is facilitated with 3GB RAM.

galaxy note 4

Awesome features of Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is featured with 16 megapixel autofocus camera along with Smart OIS and it als9 has 3.7 megapixel front base camera with F/1.9 lens. It has multi-functional connectivity options like Wi-FI, GPS/Glonass, Bluetooth v4.0 IR LED, MHL 3.0 and many more. It is also processed with Geo-magnetic sensor, RGB, IR LED, Barometer, finger scanner, heart rate monitor, hall sensor and lots of. Whatever the model is, all the models are based on android software base. Both the models are based on the chipsets and they are 1.9GHz octa-core and 2.7 quad core. It has 16GB internal space capacity, which is compared to 32 GB on the original variant. It is powered by 3000mAh battery. All the models of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 are supported by 4G TDD LTE and FDD LTE for the network connectivity expect SM-N9106W for China Unicom and it is only available for 2G networks. Actually, these high features oriented devices demand a normal charge which is really beyond of thought. Regarding the prices, you can follow the information below for better convenience.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 PRICE

In India, the cost of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will come at the maximum Rs. 61,500 but the market operating cost is from Rs. 58,300 to 58,500. In China, the price of unlocked version is at about CNY 5,199 but the price of the other two is not available. With this price range, this high feature oriented Note is really amazing. Within a short time, this Note will make a high potential market to meet the high requirements of the Note lovers. It is expected that very soon, the market price will come at the low level so that it will make a great market in near future.

Informative ideas

For the betterment, anyone can contact the concern person of the company through the email or phone number or can meet the office physically. With a perfect discussion, the customer will be able to keep a clear picture before purchasing the device.