galaxy note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Features

Samsung has launched the dual-SIM Galaxy Note 4 in China. The model is divided into three categories like SM-N9109W for China Telecommunication, SM-N9106W for China Unicom and SIM-free called SM-N9108V. It is reported that unlocked version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is compatible for the connectivity 4G LTE. The first one like SM-N9109W of Galaxy Note 4 supports 4G over TDD- LTE and FDD-LTE Networks and the second one only suited for 2G networks. It is dual – SIM supported with 16GB inbuilt storage supported. The battery condition of this device is 3000mAh with which the user will be able to use the latest features of this mobile in a user friendly way. It has processed with 27GHz quad core qualcomm snapdragon 805 processor. This Samsung Galaxy Note 4 runs based on the Android 4.4 Kitkat with 5.7 inch quad HD pixel. It has two types like 27GHz quad core 805 processor based on chipset and the other is 1.9GHz octa-core plus 1.3 GHz quad core. It is facilitated with 3GB RAM.

galaxy note 4

Awesome features of Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is featured with 16 megapixel autofocus camera along with Smart OIS and it als9 has 3.7 megapixel front base camera with F/1.9 lens. It has multi-functional connectivity options like Wi-FI, GPS/Glonass, Bluetooth v4.0 IR LED, MHL 3.0 and many more. It is also processed with Geo-magnetic sensor, RGB, IR LED, Barometer, finger scanner, heart rate monitor, hall sensor and lots of. Whatever the model is, all the models are based on android software base. Both the models are based on the chipsets and they are 1.9GHz octa-core and 2.7 quad core. It has 16GB internal space capacity, which is compared to 32 GB on the original variant. It is powered by 3000mAh battery. All the models of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 are supported by 4G TDD LTE and FDD LTE for the network connectivity expect SM-N9106W for China Unicom and it is only available for 2G networks. Actually, these high features oriented devices demand a normal charge which is really beyond of thought. Regarding the prices, you can follow the information below for better convenience.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 PRICE

In India, the cost of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will come at the maximum Rs. 61,500 but the market operating cost is from Rs. 58,300 to 58,500. In China, the price of unlocked version is at about CNY 5,199 but the price of the other two is not available. With this price range, this high feature oriented Note is really amazing. Within a short time, this Note will make a high potential market to meet the high requirements of the Note lovers. It is expected that very soon, the market price will come at the low level so that it will make a great market in near future.

Informative ideas

For the betterment, anyone can contact the concern person of the company through the email or phone number or can meet the office physically. With a perfect discussion, the customer will be able to keep a clear picture before purchasing the device.

oppo n1 mini

N1 MINI Really Comes Very Effective and User friendly

Mini version of Mobile called Oppo N was launched with 203-degree swivel camera. It has a 5.9 inch screen and the above the screen, there is the location of camera. But very recently, Oppo has announced N1 MINI whose screen size is 5 inch. This mini version has a width of 72.2mm, height of 148.4mm and the rotating capacity of the camera is nearly 206 degree. The thickness of the phone is 9.2mm and it goes to the higher side on the phone. N1 MINI is much smaller than the original one. It looks in two colors like cool mint and the yellow with basic white. On the edges of the phone, there must be metal strips parallelly and the corners of the phone are very curved and nice looking. As the curve becomes very slight, then it would be very comfortable for a user to hold the phone. The sim tray is on the right hand side near volume bottom and the power is on the left side. It is two microphones based devices and one is on the rear and another is on the bottom.

oppo n1 mini

Oppo N1 Mini Software and specifications

The device is processed with snapdragon 400soc and four 1.6GHz CPU core along with Adreno 305 GPU. It has 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage spaces. It has 13 megapixel cameras with 1/3.2 inch sensor as well as LED flash. N1 MINI supports v4.0 Bluetooth and NFC. It has an effective connectivity with 3G networks along with 4G LTE but it is sorry to say that it does not support current Indian networks like 23GHz. The phone is powered by A2140mAh Li-Ion battery. It is based on Android Kitkat and the phone is processed technically with Jelly Bean. It has color screen called Color OS in the system of regular Android. The screen can be locked identically with Android Jelly beans. You can swipe down the phone from the side of right corner based on the panel. It has the system of Music player along with some awesome applications like data saving, guest mode, permission monitor and the holiday mode. It has accessory named O-click with which you can use the oppo phones via Bluetooth.

Camera features

N1 MINI has most latest camera with the best implementation of swivel. It has 13 megapixel camera with the most sensitive sensor. The shooting with the camera comes very comfortable and it does the work within very short time. In the day time, color comes very perfect and accurate. Pure image quality comes to play with HDR shots and the software comes to be very effective when the sky is cloudy or nights come very promptly. The N1 MINI has an unique Ultra-HD with which anyone can take snap shots upto 6 in a single shot. Though it is based on 13 mega-pixel but the picture quality claims the range of almost 24 mega-pixel undoubtedly. Undoubtedly, the camera meets all the requirements of the user in the sense of calling, entertaining with audio and video modes, photo collections and many more.

iPhone 6 plus

Top Features of iPhone 6 Plus satisfying the users

Now, in the market, iPhone 6 Plus comes with a unique touch. It is significantly bigger than iPhone5 but obviously it suits fits into anyones pocket. It is good and completely separate in the sense of physical condition, material aspects and construction quality. The front glass stretches itself from right to the edges and again a curve comes again in the aluminum frame which makes the user comfortable to hold the phone at ear of him or her. The shuttering system works as the way of protection if the phone is dropped on the ground. It is amazingly thin and light weighty. The power button of the device is extremely at the right hand edge; volume and mute control are on the left. On the right hand side of this device is SIM card tray and the headset socket, Lightning port and the speaker are on the button. Beside the metal body near the antennas, there must be plastic lines framing on the top and bottom.

iPhone 6 plus

iPhone 6 Specification

This iPhone 6 is processed with A8 processor and there must be co-processor named M8. As a result of that, sensor input is easily processed constantly without wasting any external power. It has two cores and the speculation pin with 14GHz. It is good to hear that though it has a power efficiency with the transistor, 20 nm manufacturing process brings a great development to its battery life. In regards to CPU specifications, it has A8 pales qualcomm’s flagship 800 series. It has 1GB RAM. It has also ‘Retina HD’ display resolution of 1080×1920 pixels with the best sharpness. It has the proper color accuracy, brightness and vibrancy. iPhone 6 Plus has a sufficient storage capacity, which is completely suitable for various applications, games, music, photos, recorded videos and movies. Ultimately, it has a giant size huge screen, brilliant camera and a powerful processor. It is with the facility of a barometer which allows M8 co-processor to find out elevation and track physical activity. Its Wi-Fi is no doubt of high quality and high standard with LTE bands and supported by Indian 2300MHz band.

iPhone 6 Camera

It is combined with a good camera and the resolution style is undoubtedly static. Video stabilization and autofocus are totally new and it gives a new look ultimately. The camera has optical image stabilization with the effective lens which slightly vibrations and shaky hands. Though the Apple does not give full control regarding setting but obviously, the user can change a little the system of device as well as iOS. The more important thing is that the user might have controls on the screen of this device rather the before.   The shape and size of the device give the user comfort during the time of taking the snap shot. The border on the thick screen gives the user enough space to keep you thumb when he is about to take the photos. It’s image quality really gives impression to us and you will be very pleased to know that with a low light or day light, the photo quality comes very prominent by the camera of this device.

Philips Xenium X2566 is for Senior Citizens

Philips has recently launched a good and latest feature oriented phone and it is completely designed for senior citizens. The name of the model is Philips Xenium X2566 which is coming on the market having amount range of Rs. 3,800. The phone has best features which indicate a large front size with lifelong battery. Ultimately, it is ideal for old age users. The most important part is that it has the facility of magnifier with which anyone can enlarge the words on the screen. The phone becomes very unique with the touch of crystal multi-color injection molding technology. With the help of this phone, the user can set three SOS numbers for the emergency purposes. Whenever, the users give a press on the button of three SOS button, then and there, the handset becomes under the call of three numbers. It has also large hardware keyways so that user can use the keys in any way.

Specification in the features

Philips Xenium X2566 is dual sim supported handset with 24-inch TFT screen getting touch of 240×320 pixel resolution. The phone is designed with VGA resolution with 480×640 resolutions with inbuilt camera storage of 16GB and it can be expanded with a micro SD card. It has many more connectivity like GPRS/EDGE, Bluetooth and Mini-USB. The phone is powered by 1630mAH Li-on battery and it is to be calculated that it can go 1128 hours at a stretch in the standby mode and up to 24 hours for the purpose of talk time. The size of phone is 124.5×64.9x16mm and weight is near about 108.8 grams with blue color. After all, this Philips brand phone is awesome in looking and using.

Why would it be great?

As this handset is 24 inch enabled, so that the user can use this set for wider sense. With the help of the magnifier, you can enlarge the words just to show the words for a big reflection. For the purpose of huge storage, no one faces any problem as it has inbuilt 16GB memory and for the further extension, the user can increase the power using SD card. As it is pocket size, that’s why the user can carry the set very comfortably and easily. The good and stable battery condition will enable the user to talk to anyone for a long and even he can do his or her communication during the whole day.

How much is the charge of it

As the phone is processed for the senior citizen, then the authority of the company considerably think its price which goes to only Rs. 3,800 though the market price would be Rs 5,537. If any one compares the price of this phone with same feature oriented phone in the market, then he will understand the difference. Moreover the buyer can get the discount on the purchase amount if he meets the criteria of the discount. To have a prior idea about the cost, anyone need to get in touch online and should go for buying with a perfect concept about that particular phone.

Notion link Cain: A beautiful Tablet is on its way

Notion Link will bring a windows 8 tablet named Cain which has not much design elements like its size, shape or in the sense of materials used to make this product perfect. The features of this little device are same as the function of Croma 1177 and it is based on the Intel processor. It is good in quality. Its body is made of plastic and there is a plate on the rear. The body color is deep brown which is really very uncommon and unavailable. The Cain is very easy to carry as it has weight of nearly 630 grams. Basically, it is heavier than a tablet, but lighter than most of the laptops. On the left side of the device, there are lined up standard USB 3.0 port, Micro-USB port, Headset socket, Mini-HDMI video output, DC power inlet and a MicroSD card slot. Anyone can charge Cain using Micro-USB port and it is very easy to connect with the USB devices through OTG. On the left hand side, there is a power button and on the top, there is volume button and speaker on the top. Anyone can use a functional track pad on the keyboard on the dock.

Notion link Cain Software and other specifications

Generally, Notion Link Cain runs with Windows 8.1. The Cain has “first Ultra-book which is like a tablet and memory can be extended according to your needs that you want. The Cain has Attom Z3735 as the 1.83GHz CPU, which really has the turbo boost frequency. The screen size of this little device is 10.1 with IPS LCD and its resolution is 1280×800. Both the camera , front and back cameras have 2-megapixel units. It is processed with 2GB of RAM and its internal storage capacity is 32GB out of which 24GB are accessible according to the user’s wish. When you go to check connectivity, you will notice that it is supported with Wi-Fi b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0. The Cain comes with a 32 bit edition based on Windows 8.1. When you get this one, you will receive one year office 365 subscription free. But the device has a little bit of drawback like the screen size of Cain is not suitable for traditional using windows desktop programs as it does not have any keyboard and mouse. At that point, the user will have free update of windows 10 during the time of its releasing.

Price of Notion link Cain

It is windows tablet processed with windows version 8 and when you go for its price, then it is really cost saving when compared with the same user friendly devices. In India, the cost of this device goes to Rs. 19,900. Paying this small amount, young chaps, students and other people who are really dependent on windows, can enjoy surfing the internet and download content with a good connectivity. So, take this one and before you buy this one, you need to have a look on Notion Link’s official website for your betterment.

Acer Aspire E3-111: Unique and effective notebook

Very soon, Acer will be launching a new notebook named Aspire E3-111 which is almost super slim but not quite sleek. It is designed with the plastic body which is slightly curved. The whole device  looks unique. While it is opened, in the keyboard, there is a number of rooms in the keyboard. On the keyboard, the alphabet keys are as double as the numeric one on the right side. The weight of the device is almost 1.3 kg and for that, one can easily carry this small device at any place and use this one. The upper case of this device is made with a very thin sheet made of aluminium and the rest of it comes to be plastic body. On the bottom, there are speakers and a webcam are on the right top of the screen. It has not any system attaching a fan and nothing becomes acting like it when the device is running. It looks really small tablet like.

Acer Aspire E3-111 Specifications and the features

All the models of Aspire E3-111 are processed with the basis of aemic intel Celeron as well as Pentium processor. It has two CPUs having a touch of Hyper-threading Intel HD Graphics tools. This device has 2GB RAM which is measured by DDR3L. It has traditional 500GB Spinning hard drive. It has a simple screen with 1366×768 pixel. Though it has no  glossy glass, but it is mostly user friendly. It has good connectivity supported by WI-Fi b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0. Basically, it has many effective features than the other normal laptops.  It has 4 ports and as a result of that, it works in a  good condition. It has a single 3.5 mm headset socket along with an SD card reader. The Aspire E3-111 runs with the OS of Windows 8.1. It has no touchscreen benefit to navigate the device comfortably.

Performance of Acer Aspire E3-111

When this one comes to be used for its actual needs,  you will be very glad to see its speed. Its screen size is  most suitable to read all the contents after they are downloaded. With the good connectivity supported with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth 4.0, anyone can surf over the internet with comfort and quick motion. As it has a strong and powerful battery, you will be able to run this device at least 4 to 8 hours continuous. As the device is weighted measuring 1.3kg and looks very thin,  anyone can feel comfortable when he carries it for his personal use. With the good keys feature, one can type any written documents very comfortably with a fast motion. When you start to use this small and thin digital device used in your office work, all the tasks will be done accurately within a short period of time, as it is based on Windows 8.1. Basically, it looks very beautiful in the sense of design and color combination. This makes most of the youngsters opt for Aspire E3-111

Nintendo 3DS

The New Nintendo 3DS

The new Nintendo 3DS is launched in Japan and scheduled to be available in Australia and New Zealand in the next month. The company plans to extend its wings to other parts of the world next year.

Nintendo 3DS

The all new 3DS is available in two new versions. The difference is only the size of the gadget more or less. The new 3DS XL has come up with a similar design of the existing 3DS XL, but with more features than the one available. The screen is a little bigger than the original one. The outer design is a little more user friendly as all the ports and the switches is now on the bottom than on the sides it was earlier. It’s now more symmetrical on its look. Customization can also be carried out on the new console by interchanging the front and the back faceplates.

The company has been focusing on the faceplates as a new feature to attract the gamers. The spotlight is on the dedicated themes and appearance of the new 3DS from the renowned Harajuku pop star Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. The marketing strategy also is on the new gamer friendly inputs to the new design incorporated.

The weakness

The drawback of the new 3DS is that is not at all re-ramped with extra new features. It is made of chunky plastic. The screen is of a lower resolution than a standard definition television. The output is out of date when compared with smartphones available few years back.

The strength

The biggest potentiality of 3DS to flourish is that it is not a smartphone. Its main purpose is to play games, which Nintendo has made changes in its design to make 3DS friendly to the user.

The older version 3DS and 3DS LL you had to put your very focused in a narrow spot, or your game will end. The new model comes with extra features. The front facing camera tracks the face in random which has a sensor and also adjust the on screen image. This makes you fell that extra punch with a much wider angle. The screen is 3.88 inch with a 400×240 effectual 3D screen.

This functionally makes the 3D feature more efficient and effortless to a gamer. It does not require heavy attention to maintain the momentum. It also makes the games like Star Fox 64 or The Legends of Zelda: Ocarina of time, which uses the gyroscope more attractive to play. The 3D display makes it much pleasurable to play and gives a pleasant look.

The additional hit this time is the extra buttons and a second analog stick named by Nintendo as the C stick. It is actually a Game Cube controller is a bit changed than the older version of the Wii U adaptor which was designed by Super Smash brothers. The function of the C stick and the extra solder pad duplicate the functions of the bulky C Pad pro which was earlier than the 3D model. It didn’t have much support than playing the Monster Hunter series.

New Leeo Smart Night Light

New Leeo Smart Night Light

The smart home appliance company Leeo is finally ready with a new product a smart nightlight. The new device not only serves to provide access to the bathroom in the middle of the night, but also has the feature to monitor the temperature and the humidity of your room. Additionally, it also lets you know when the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are functioning when you are outside, not at home. It also functions with other hardware that makes the installation much easier with a maximum of five minutes.

New Leeo Smart Night Light

Leeo came into existence in 2013 was of much hype. The attributes towards this excitement was due to the all star tech teams and the leader the CEO Adam Gettings was earlier was the chief robot designer working with RoboteX. This company main focus was that to supply robots for the police and the first responders. The COO , Charles Huang associated with Leeo is also the co-founder of RedOctane was the creator of Guiter Hero. To add to the list of accomplishers is the Chief designer Robert Brunner was chief designer for Beats prior to the acquisition and also responsible for the hiring of Jonny Ive at Apple. But till date, the company was yet to come up with a new product until the inclusion of the smart nightlight. The Smart Alert Nightlight is supposed to be only the first step of modern tech home devices that the company is scheduled to launch.

Installation is damn easy

The main intention of the tech team of Leeo was to make this smart home tool easy for everyone to use it. The process of installation is very simple. Just you have to unpact from the box and the process of setup is just plugging in and connecting with your home WiFi. The Wi-Fi seup is mechanized via Leeo’s iOs app. But till now there is no support of Android yet. It’s just as easy as connected your laptop or iPad with your home network.

Alerting any mishaps

Most of us install devices to detect smoke and carbon monoxide that usually harm inside our home surroundings. It usually makes us aware alerting us to take precautions. What happens when we are out of home? This device alerts us on your smartphone instantly what,s the current situation of smoke or carbon monoxide even when we are outside.

The technology comes within the light is actually a microphone that takes note of the hazards at home. When any of the light goes off immediately sending a notification calls you to let you be familiar with the current situation. Suppose you are in a meeting or busy with some work and not able to attend the call from Leeo app, it automatically calls the next person on the contact list provides by you until someone picks up the call to acknowledge. There is also an additional advantage if the call list provided by you has leeo installed in their respective phone. Then they also will receive a push notification and listen to the alarm going off. Immediately they have the option to connect with the 911 operator.

Xolo 8X

Xolo 8X-1000 comes excellently for the next generation

At a glance, 8X – 1000 looks like a solid black without any marking on the body on the front or the back side. Though, in the front side there is no trace of camera, earpiece and sensors, but easily you can understand the existence of these. Anyone can use this doing upside down. The Xolo logo is very shiny silver and the silver accents appears in closest to the lens, flash, Micro-USB port, headset socket. This device is protected with the Asahi Dragontrail glass surrounding the screen along with the Gorilla Glass3. The looks of the top, bottom and sides are very simple with matte black. There are two trays on the right and left edge and one is for a micro SD card and the other is for Micro-SIM card. On the right hand side, there are two buttons like the power and volume and with a little pressure of thumb; anyone can adjust to the right direction.

Xolo 8X

Excellent features with software

The Xolo 8X-1000 is processed by a strong processor called octa-core Media Tek MT6592M touching of 14GHz. It has 2GB Ram and 16GB space for the purpose of storing. It has a 5 inch screen with excellent resolution measuring 720×1280. On the rear, it has a 8 megapixel camera and one 2 megapixel in front. The device is fully supported by 4.0 Bluetooth along with Wi-Fi. The phone is hundred percent secured as it has a solution called an anti-theft, which will give you the opportunity to track down the lost or stolen phone. You can lock the phone remotely backing up your contacts and messages. It will provide you a clear picture regarding how much you have to consume to do your works, the maximum power consumed software, power saving mode and lots of things. Messaging, contracts and other applications are remarkable overhauled. With the help of this device, you can handle Facebook and Google very easily and comfortably.


The unique quality feature

As it has an 8 megapixel camera, the photo comes better during the time of your snapping. Five stages lens are attached with the camera for the better performance. It is sure and certain, this phone camera will provide bright and clear images even there is cloudy condition in the daylight. Though the front camera is not up to the mark , it is good for video chats as well as few odd selfies. It is really awesome for quick flashing, effects settings, triggering, face detection, electronic stabilization and the quality video. After all, it is to be surely remarked that for still and video photography, this effective camera would be an ideal.

The system of locking and unlocking

To unlock the phone, you need to drag one bar out of four bars across the screen and whenever it is done properly, and then you can jump the features of the phone. The rest of the four can be used for the purpose of messaging and camera application. The icons at the bottom show you the total missed calls, unread messages, appointments and emails.

These features of Xolo 8X will surely be a matter of interest for gadget lovers and technology enthusiasts.

Android Lollipop with the Sony Xperia Z phones

Recently, Sony has announced that it will bring the latest version of Xperia Zphones in the market in the beginning of 2015 as the name of Lollipop. It is the smart phone based on the latest operating system to Sony’s premium range of Xperia series. The latest updates called Lollipop will be available on these phones like Xperia Z, Xperia ZR, Xperia ZL, Xperia Tablet Z, Xperia Z1, Xperia Z Ultra, Xperia Z1S, Xperia Z1 Compact, Xperia Z2 Tablet, Xperia Z2, Xperia Z3, Xperia Z3V, Xperia Z3 Compact, Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact and some others. Among these only, the Sony Z Ultra Google Play Edition will be the first and foremost device based on Android Lollipop. Though the company till now did not announce the exact date of its latest up gradation but it is sure that at the beginning of 2015, only Xperia Z3 and Z2 will come out in the market for smart phone lovers and the rest of these will be available later on.

Features of the Lollipop

The latest version of Android Lollipop comes with the latest and unique features for the betterment of the new users. It is sure and certain that Xperia user will get the up gradation of the Android version along with the Tweak features. Though it is the question for the users that how the latest in Android comes with the Sony where many more companies like Samsung, LG are with the back dated version of Android. The fact is that in the market, the user cannot get the latest version of Android when the new one is out of the market. At that time, the company takes time to test and launches its new version in the market. In the between the market, Google takes an initiative to recover an instant demand with its temporary knowledge until and unless the consumers touches the Android version. As a result of that, the smart phone company like Sony has an opportunity to release Xperia with Lollipop in advance.


Extraordinary features in latest Android

The latest up gradation of Android 5.0 Lollipop is the best and effective measure and result of that; anybody eagerly can accept this latest version. This new version comes in the market with the user friendly features and it is almost fascinated design which goes for the benefit of a large number of smart phone users. It is generally based on Material Design with ultra-modern settings menu, battery saving mode, lock screen notifications and many more comfortable features. It has 64-bit processor, which really provides much more facility in the working attitude in the internet.

Why do people rush to this smartphone?

  • Device Compatibility – This latest Android version Lollipop will be supported in different devices like smart watches, cars or the TVs. This version is really easy to access so that anyone can use it with any electronic gadget.
  • Awesome features oriented – It has quick settings with lots of features like flashlight, screen rotation, hot spot. Apart from that, this latest version has updated camera which is suitable for high quality video playback especially on Android TV.