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Facebook Explain its Real Name Policy

Facebook, the world’s biggest online social network is taught in a tussle.  The company with its real name policy directive was following the decree of deleting the fake accounts. The heat mounted up when the self proclaimed drag queens and others members of the lesbian, gay and transgender communities with with their policy to delete fake accounts.

facebook policy

Facebook was left but to apologize to drag queens and the transgender communities. So names like Lil Miss Hot Mess still remain rather than the real name such as Bob Smith to figure an example.

The company have invariably had been pitching that their site encircled real people and not fake account, a uniqueness to differentiate them with other social networking sites. A better marketing policy to attract more advertisers to reach out to genuine people. To clear their double stand of letting the drag queen use their fabricated names and not their legal names  they had to pronounce that the spirit of the policy still exists and these communities actually are using the authentic names they use in real life and is within the policy standards.

About a month ago Facebook suggested the drag queens can avail their identity with stage names with pages specially created focusing on businesses  and public figure. The pages, thus created was different and these groups was not at all happy with the state of affairs logging on to the site.

Facebook also clarifies when an individual reports an abuse or bullying or some offensive statement posted, with a regular monitoring process with the hundreds and thousands fake name report the company process every single week.

The Facebook authorities still maintain a stand with improving the tools and the mechanism for judging the real accounts and the fake existence and better customer service of those affected and not open up to bad actors.

The question still remains what type of tools Facebook will authenticate  to develop and  place in the function. Lets wait and watch!

How To Download Subway Surfers On PC

Subway Surfers has taken hold of the gaming world in the android environment like no other. The rush of adrenaline when Jake runs an endless run across the train tracks of different locations as updated by the game from time to time appeals to every user. It is a new way introduced by android to kill away boredom and take gaming to a new level. The features in this game are endless. You can collect coins while running, collect power ups and buy them to enhance your game. There is also a provision of winning new gifts, mystery boxes and some days the game also has various surprises for you, keeping the excitement alight and the users turning on the game at least once a day. Having a Smartphone is a definite advantage as you have this game on your fingertips. But the users who lack the benefits of a Smartphone can also play this game now by simply downloading it on PC. So read on and get to how to download subway surfers on PC.

Subway Surfers For PC :How to download

Users can use three methods to download Subway Surfers on PC. So users are given the choice to use the method they find easier and more convenient in comparison.

Method 1 to Download Subway Surfers for PC:

  • Firstly the Subway Surfers apk file needs to be downloaded from the Internet. Simply type “Subway Surfers apk file” on Google search and a lot of links will be given.
  • The recommended sites are apkmania and appsapk which are best for apk files download. Now you need an android emulator to run the apk file. So install  or Bluestacks via Softonic Downloader or Direct Download process, which helps the PC function like an android device. Another android emulator you can use for Subway Surfers is IntelAppUp.
  • Go to the folder where the apk file is stored and right click on it. Go to the “Open With” option and you will find the name of the emulator, Bluestacks or IntelAppUp there. As you open the file with Bluestacks or IntelAppUp, the file will be automatically installed in your PC. 

Method 2 to Download Subway Surfers for PC:

  • If downloading the apk file method does not suit you, then you may follow the second option which requires internet connection or else the app will not be installed.
  • You need to first install an android emulator Bluestacks or IntelAppUp as specially suggested as it is the best for Subway Surfers.
  • The Bluestacks search window will just be like your Play Store search window of an android phone and will help you open an android environment window on your PC. Just like any other Smartphone you can search apps and games in Bluestacks.
  • Search the app Subway Surfers and start installing it. After installation the app will run even without internet connection.

Method 3 to Download Subway Surfers for PC:

This method is suggested for all those users who wish to play the basic version of the Subway Surfers. The basic version is not recommended by android users as it does not provide any updates, upgrades, locations or other features like the android updatable version of Subway Surfers. You can simply type Subway Surfer Download on Google and you will find a compressed zip file of Subway Surfers. Download it and install it. You can play this game up to the 30 missions that is the basic version of the game but then the game does not update itself or provide with any new power ups or surprises.

So download soon and start your first Subway Surfer run with Jake!!!