Nintendo 3DS

The New Nintendo 3DS

The new Nintendo 3DS is launched in Japan and scheduled to be available in Australia and New Zealand in the next month. The company plans to extend its wings to other parts of the world next year.

Nintendo 3DS

The all new 3DS is available in two new versions. The difference is only the size of the gadget more or less. The new 3DS XL has come up with a similar design of the existing 3DS XL, but with more features than the one available. The screen is a little bigger than the original one. The outer design is a little more user friendly as all the ports and the switches is now on the bottom than on the sides it was earlier. It’s now more symmetrical on its look. Customization can also be carried out on the new console by interchanging the front and the back faceplates.

The company has been focusing on the faceplates as a new feature to attract the gamers. The spotlight is on the dedicated themes and appearance of the new 3DS from the renowned Harajuku pop star Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. The marketing strategy also is on the new gamer friendly inputs to the new design incorporated.

The weakness

The drawback of the new 3DS is that is not at all re-ramped with extra new features. It is made of chunky plastic. The screen is of a lower resolution than a standard definition television. The output is out of date when compared with smartphones available few years back.

The strength

The biggest potentiality of 3DS to flourish is that it is not a smartphone. Its main purpose is to play games, which Nintendo has made changes in its design to make 3DS friendly to the user.

The older version 3DS and 3DS LL you had to put your very focused in a narrow spot, or your game will end. The new model comes with extra features. The front facing camera tracks the face in random which has a sensor and also adjust the on screen image. This makes you fell that extra punch with a much wider angle. The screen is 3.88 inch with a 400×240 effectual 3D screen.

This functionally makes the 3D feature more efficient and effortless to a gamer. It does not require heavy attention to maintain the momentum. It also makes the games like Star Fox 64 or The Legends of Zelda: Ocarina of time, which uses the gyroscope more attractive to play. The 3D display makes it much pleasurable to play and gives a pleasant look.

The additional hit this time is the extra buttons and a second analog stick named by Nintendo as the C stick. It is actually a Game Cube controller is a bit changed than the older version of the Wii U adaptor which was designed by Super Smash brothers. The function of the C stick and the extra solder pad duplicate the functions of the bulky C Pad pro which was earlier than the 3D model. It didn’t have much support than playing the Monster Hunter series.

New Leeo Smart Night Light

New Leeo Smart Night Light

The smart home appliance company Leeo is finally ready with a new product a smart nightlight. The new device not only serves to provide access to the bathroom in the middle of the night, but also has the feature to monitor the temperature and the humidity of your room. Additionally, it also lets you know when the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are functioning when you are outside, not at home. It also functions with other hardware that makes the installation much easier with a maximum of five minutes.

New Leeo Smart Night Light

Leeo came into existence in 2013 was of much hype. The attributes towards this excitement was due to the all star tech teams and the leader the CEO Adam Gettings was earlier was the chief robot designer working with RoboteX. This company main focus was that to supply robots for the police and the first responders. The COO , Charles Huang associated with Leeo is also the co-founder of RedOctane was the creator of Guiter Hero. To add to the list of accomplishers is the Chief designer Robert Brunner was chief designer for Beats prior to the acquisition and also responsible for the hiring of Jonny Ive at Apple. But till date, the company was yet to come up with a new product until the inclusion of the smart nightlight. The Smart Alert Nightlight is supposed to be only the first step of modern tech home devices that the company is scheduled to launch.

Installation is damn easy

The main intention of the tech team of Leeo was to make this smart home tool easy for everyone to use it. The process of installation is very simple. Just you have to unpact from the box and the process of setup is just plugging in and connecting with your home WiFi. The Wi-Fi seup is mechanized via Leeo’s iOs app. But till now there is no support of Android yet. It’s just as easy as connected your laptop or iPad with your home network.

Alerting any mishaps

Most of us install devices to detect smoke and carbon monoxide that usually harm inside our home surroundings. It usually makes us aware alerting us to take precautions. What happens when we are out of home? This device alerts us on your smartphone instantly what,s the current situation of smoke or carbon monoxide even when we are outside.

The technology comes within the light is actually a microphone that takes note of the hazards at home. When any of the light goes off immediately sending a notification calls you to let you be familiar with the current situation. Suppose you are in a meeting or busy with some work and not able to attend the call from Leeo app, it automatically calls the next person on the contact list provides by you until someone picks up the call to acknowledge. There is also an additional advantage if the call list provided by you has leeo installed in their respective phone. Then they also will receive a push notification and listen to the alarm going off. Immediately they have the option to connect with the 911 operator.

Xolo 8X

Xolo 8X-1000 comes excellently for the next generation

At a glance, 8X – 1000 looks like a solid black without any marking on the body on the front or the back side. Though, in the front side there is no trace of camera, earpiece and sensors, but easily you can understand the existence of these. Anyone can use this doing upside down. The Xolo logo is very shiny silver and the silver accents appears in closest to the lens, flash, Micro-USB port, headset socket. This device is protected with the Asahi Dragontrail glass surrounding the screen along with the Gorilla Glass3. The looks of the top, bottom and sides are very simple with matte black. There are two trays on the right and left edge and one is for a micro SD card and the other is for Micro-SIM card. On the right hand side, there are two buttons like the power and volume and with a little pressure of thumb; anyone can adjust to the right direction.

Xolo 8X

Excellent features with software

The Xolo 8X-1000 is processed by a strong processor called octa-core Media Tek MT6592M touching of 14GHz. It has 2GB Ram and 16GB space for the purpose of storing. It has a 5 inch screen with excellent resolution measuring 720×1280. On the rear, it has a 8 megapixel camera and one 2 megapixel in front. The device is fully supported by 4.0 Bluetooth along with Wi-Fi. The phone is hundred percent secured as it has a solution called an anti-theft, which will give you the opportunity to track down the lost or stolen phone. You can lock the phone remotely backing up your contacts and messages. It will provide you a clear picture regarding how much you have to consume to do your works, the maximum power consumed software, power saving mode and lots of things. Messaging, contracts and other applications are remarkable overhauled. With the help of this device, you can handle Facebook and Google very easily and comfortably.


The unique quality feature

As it has an 8 megapixel camera, the photo comes better during the time of your snapping. Five stages lens are attached with the camera for the better performance. It is sure and certain, this phone camera will provide bright and clear images even there is cloudy condition in the daylight. Though the front camera is not up to the mark , it is good for video chats as well as few odd selfies. It is really awesome for quick flashing, effects settings, triggering, face detection, electronic stabilization and the quality video. After all, it is to be surely remarked that for still and video photography, this effective camera would be an ideal.

The system of locking and unlocking

To unlock the phone, you need to drag one bar out of four bars across the screen and whenever it is done properly, and then you can jump the features of the phone. The rest of the four can be used for the purpose of messaging and camera application. The icons at the bottom show you the total missed calls, unread messages, appointments and emails.

These features of Xolo 8X will surely be a matter of interest for gadget lovers and technology enthusiasts.

Android Lollipop with the Sony Xperia Z phones

Recently, Sony has announced that it will bring the latest version of Xperia Zphones in the market in the beginning of 2015 as the name of Lollipop. It is the smart phone based on the latest operating system to Sony’s premium range of Xperia series. The latest updates called Lollipop will be available on these phones like Xperia Z, Xperia ZR, Xperia ZL, Xperia Tablet Z, Xperia Z1, Xperia Z Ultra, Xperia Z1S, Xperia Z1 Compact, Xperia Z2 Tablet, Xperia Z2, Xperia Z3, Xperia Z3V, Xperia Z3 Compact, Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact and some others. Among these only, the Sony Z Ultra Google Play Edition will be the first and foremost device based on Android Lollipop. Though the company till now did not announce the exact date of its latest up gradation but it is sure that at the beginning of 2015, only Xperia Z3 and Z2 will come out in the market for smart phone lovers and the rest of these will be available later on.

Features of the Lollipop

The latest version of Android Lollipop comes with the latest and unique features for the betterment of the new users. It is sure and certain that Xperia user will get the up gradation of the Android version along with the Tweak features. Though it is the question for the users that how the latest in Android comes with the Sony where many more companies like Samsung, LG are with the back dated version of Android. The fact is that in the market, the user cannot get the latest version of Android when the new one is out of the market. At that time, the company takes time to test and launches its new version in the market. In the between the market, Google takes an initiative to recover an instant demand with its temporary knowledge until and unless the consumers touches the Android version. As a result of that, the smart phone company like Sony has an opportunity to release Xperia with Lollipop in advance.


Extraordinary features in latest Android

The latest up gradation of Android 5.0 Lollipop is the best and effective measure and result of that; anybody eagerly can accept this latest version. This new version comes in the market with the user friendly features and it is almost fascinated design which goes for the benefit of a large number of smart phone users. It is generally based on Material Design with ultra-modern settings menu, battery saving mode, lock screen notifications and many more comfortable features. It has 64-bit processor, which really provides much more facility in the working attitude in the internet.

Why do people rush to this smartphone?

  • Device Compatibility – This latest Android version Lollipop will be supported in different devices like smart watches, cars or the TVs. This version is really easy to access so that anyone can use it with any electronic gadget.
  • Awesome features oriented – It has quick settings with lots of features like flashlight, screen rotation, hot spot. Apart from that, this latest version has updated camera which is suitable for high quality video playback especially on Android TV.

Again Lollipop comes with the features of the Nexus 9

Nexus 9 is the latest version tablet with a Lollipop OS of Android for the coming generation and it is made with HTC based features. It is to be believed that this tablet is very soon to be launched to meet the latest requirements of the young generation. This would be available in the Google India’s Play Store. When it comes to be focused, it is considered that it will cost near about Rs 28,900 for the devices based on 16GB Model and Rs. 44,900 for the 3G Version along with 32GB Memory. It is covered with leather covering which will cost approximate Rs 2,900. According to Google, the Nexus 9 is an Ideal device for the perfect working attitude along with playing modes. It has a big screen measured 8 to 9 inches, which really provides a good working and playing space that is beyond of thought. But it is good to hear that before anyone purchases this latest tablet, he or she needs to check its excellent features.


This is the best features oriented tablet for the new chaps as with the powerful dual core processor built in this small device, the young ones can run the net very quick and easy mode. It is a sleek body shaped made with metal frame. It is based with the Android Lollipop so that younger generations can be able to use the latest features with their new tablet. The screen size is measured with 4:3 ratios. It is really powerful and incredible electronic device which is powered by NVIDIA Tegra K1 processors. The processor of this device is measured with 64-bit processing with 2.3GHz. It’s screen resolution is 2048×1536 Pixel. Its camera is powered by 8 megapixel and the front camera is 1.6 megapixel. It is powered by a high range of battery which is 6700 mAH.

Cause of selection

  • Soft grip back- As it has soft grip back and subtle curves which really make the tablet a slim profile. As a result of that, the tablet is suitable and comfortable for work along with the play.
  • Quality construction – As it is built with a thin bezel and brushed metal with the touch of unique color, the nexus 9 will become sleek and sturdy.
  • Powerful processor – it is facilitated with 64 bit processor and as a result of that, anyone can access the internet, check the mail, watch videos along with tweak documents.
  • Keyboard benefit – with the help of magnetically attached, completely responsive keyboard, anyone can type any word for accessing betterment on the way, office or at the home.
  • Attractive design – The color of the tablet is bold, shapes and textures are really good to look and the latest version of Android will provide lots of user experience in the coming generation.
  • Latest up gradation in OS – As it is processed with the latest up gradation of Android called Lollipop, then the most users can be able to get much more benefit in the using criteria.

Smart phone goes in the pocket comfortable with a touch of DECO

In the recent time, Distributed Electronic Cosmic-Ray Observatory (DECO) has started its own journey on the technological track. DECO reduces the size of a smart phone into a pocket phone which can run with two small apps getting downloaded. These applications make the phone into a high energy particle. Though it is small sized, but it is to be used for the multi-purposes. It will be the latest invention in the world of smart phone. Basically, smart phone application is not able to replace sensitivity and precision larger, but DECO can gear up the phone toward education as well as citizen science. Though the application is not available for all kinds of smart phones, it is only applicable for Android phones if the phone is downloaded with both applications, Deco and data logger application. It is completely upgraded by the time and generation wise. It is very important to check that how the apps can be able making smart phone in pocket size effects in the new generation.

How does cosmic ray come to power?

Cosmic rays are till now a mystery and there are available in the cosmos. It constantly breaks down itself and releases an energy particle. The particles are protons, a mixture of other particles like electrons and atomic nuclei. According to the scientist’s assumption, much more mysterious hidden matter comes into the light with the touch of cosmic rays. The Muon in the DECO is easy to be detected and with the silicon chips, smart phone camera might come to be used. The other important aspect is that with the man’s application becomes very weak in communicating particles and in that purpose, DECO is the right application which easily captures the particle information from anywhere. In all of the features in coming new generation smart phone, this particular application really has been effective and fruitful.

The basic advantage

When the smart phone transfers itself to a pocket size using DECO, then it comes very easy to handle as well carry. Though it looks pocket size but it has much more effective features like high resolution camera and quick information sending procedure. As it is upgraded with high technological equipments, as a result of that, the users will get maximum benefit which is beyond of thoughts. It is very cool and sharp when it comes to be used for the actual needs. So take your steps and be happy with the phone.

The charge of it

Though it has a high standard of features with the upcoming technology, but the cost of it is calculated with the best consideration in which most of the fashionable smart phone users can afford the cost of this. But whatever the calculation goes forward to the right destination, but the actual amount will be under process until and unless, it comes on the market. But it should go for right justification with the market value. In the meantime, all the smart phone users need to wait and should see what comes up.

Nexus 6

Awesome feature oriented Smartphone comes with Nexus 6

Every minute has a new technological advancement these days. Some smartphone come and meet the requirement in the latest technological world. In the coming year, Google is planning to launch a good and special quality oriented smartphone named Nexus 6 which will put a great renovation in the world of technological devices.

Nexus 6

Recently, Google has finally launched Nexus 6, Google’s 2014 flagship Smartphone which is based on Android OS. Basically, at a glance, this awesome device looks like a promising brand. Though, it is not much more affordable mid-ranger OS devices, but obviously, it is strongest and powerful device.

A design feature

It is categorized into six levels with slim bezels. It has the dimension of 159.2 x 82.3 x 10mm which ensures that this little one is ideally well shaped comparing the ongoing models in the market available. It has good condition speakers with the stereo features.


Undoubtedly, the display of this device is very gigantic with 5.96 inch QHD display. It is obvious that most of the people have not experienced with this mammoth sized display before. It’s 2560 x 1440 indigenous resolutions are the best and effective pixel density. It is good to hear that it has a larger resolution compared to any high grade iPhone.

Best and powerful speed

Nexus 6 has the great technology with 805 chipset comparing Krait 450 CPU clocked to 2.7 GHz per core. It also includes Adreno 420 GPU. Also it is backed by 3GB of Ram. So when anybody is with the touch of this particular model, then he or she will understand the actual speed in processing. As a result of that, young chaps will be able to use their internet with this excellent device comfortably.


The most important aspect of Nexus goes for battery life. It is being built to fix the problem with a great extent of 3220 mAH battery and it is really better quality than nexus 5. So, undoubtedly, one can use this awesome device for a long time without having any extra back. Really, it is good for high level of longevity.


When anyone searches for a good camera phone with a high range brand, then undoubtedly one surely can take Nexus 6. It has a 13 megapixel camera with the inbuilt integrated optical images. Apart from that, it has a dual flash ring. Apart from that, with the use of this one, a good photographer can take a snapshot with the top most quality and clarity.

Comfortable OS

It is needless to say that this Nexus 6 is based on the latest Android 5.0 OS, which is very popular with the name of Lollipop. The features of this operating system are up to the mark . As it has an Android latest version the user does not face any problem to upload.

Available capacity

With all other features, it has good storage capacity with 32GB and 64GB.


This startup hopes to make conference calls flawless

It’s all about teamwork, these days and your team do not only constitute your immediate neighbor at office premises but also from distant within the country or even across different countries of the world. To really work as a team you need to collaborate and coordinate and discuss a common agenda. For this you need to unite through the video conferencing vehicle. Regretfully, these conference calls are a hell and a real pain for you to attend. You really hate those Polycom or GoToMeeting, Vidyo or Skype you just name it.


But finally this anguish may have been reduced a bit, with HighFive unveiling its solution, costing around $799 this gadget hopes to achieve for the speakerphone what Nest did for the thermostat. The feature comes with an HD video camera with four pieces of microphone array that can connect to any screen which has an HDMI input. Organizing and initiating to connect with your team members seamlessly is a havoc task that you all must have got a very awful experience. The of feature in this technology is coupled with a modern software package that makes organizing and joining your group members in video call makes your life a much easier.

The hardware of this gadget consists of a compact black box between two aluminum wings that is placed atop a flat screen or mounted on the walls. Most of your frustration comes during the conference session when you seem disconnected or muted and not able to hear the voice of your colleagues and suddenly you realized that your connection are gone hay way its nothing but frustrating, isn’t it.

Highfive’s solution to this problem was to come out with good audio calls with also a good visual experience at a cheaper rate. The goal of this mission was to establish more face-to-face connection between the co-workers, transforming these video conferencing sessions more productive and useful. The gadget actually detects the active speaker and places him on the screen to be seen by all. To ensure that everyone can be heard in a bigger office space, the microphone also spots on the active speaker. And more so , it has the ability to sense the voice within as far as 30 feet, freezes that person on the microphone and eliminates other background noises with seamless and natural way presenting you with a high quality of video conferencing.

The other form of calamity is these types of connection is that most of the people have juggled up with the host code or miss placing it. Once you are in the meeting room you would end up wasting your time without any proper utilization. Clicking on the calendar link is also a nightmare where you are told to enter two different nine digit code.

With the use of Highfive is just a simple link. You have to just click the launch of your mobile app or open a tab on your desktop browser. The gadget will be linked up to 10 people for free with unlimited audio, video and screen sharing. If you want to opt for advance features and a large audience that you need to get connected, the cost will be $10 per active user per month. There is no access or host, or participating code involved to carry out the function

clever kano app

Clever Kano lets kids build computers and learn to code

An age where children have access to smartphone, tablets and laptops. Accessing, learning and sharing have never been such an easy thing these days. A click of a button and you open up with a whole lot of horizons so that your children can surf around to conquer those unknown. The web provides a child with apps to explore.

The outer world has opened up, the merit goes to our mate the computers. But very little actually we know about the working of computers, or how our favorite app’s functions for the desired results. We are more into creating a generation of passive users, rather than getting to know the inside story how it was possible build or made.

The other day I was thrilled to see my nephew, he is only 8 years of age was actually letting him built a computer and learning how to code. Thanks to the new Kano computers coming up with the idea providing a child the first steps towards a rich professional career that lies ahead of them. This clever, amusing and educational for the kids for them to build their own computer promises the right footing.

Kano is targeted for any age group but more viable aimed at kid from six years to fourteen years. The appeal to make our child curious, originality and a urge for knowledge engagement is more evident to fetch Kano’s success on Kickstarter, where the London based company was able to raise more than $1.5 million. You can actually go for a pre-order at a cost of $ 149.99

Kano wants to be the LEGO of computers and coding. Easy as making with Lego that it mostly proves but one or two minor hiccups are there. The steps are conveyed in a very lucid and easy to understand illustrated booklet, in similarity of what you get in Lego sets. As it is built on Linux it should be familiar to any Windows, Mac OS X or Ubuntu user , with a large app icon, a file explorer and the toolbar at the bottom.

Your child is introduced to the world of coding through Kano. It centers around to instigate the logic and the thought angle of a child, the most essential part you actually need to excel any programming language.

Its excessively beautiful and brilliant to really draw in a child for that starting begin with all different innovations for a kid to realize his/her path through.

It additionally accompanies an inbuilt diverse segments contrasted and a completely working PC, including a minimized machine board named as Raspberry Pi, an orange Bluetooth console went hand in hand with with trackpad, a speaker, a HDMI and USB links furthermore a USB Wi-Fi dongle and 8 GB memory card accompanying a force plug, with clear case in addition to stencils and the stickers. Its excessively brilliant and splendid to really draw in a child for that starting begin with all different innovations for a kid to realize his/her path through.

The Kano experience sets off beyond coding app. The computer which comes with Chromium for browsing the web and checking email, a video player for browsing YouTube and SD card files. It is also incorporated with a basic text editor, painting apps and calculator. You also have the Kano World where your kid can download games and also different apps for functioning.

lenovo tablet

Lenovo unveils Yoga Home Theater Tablet

A new inclusion developed by Lenova is announced towards a new way to read watch connect and create. This innovation Yoga Tablet 2 Pro actually redefines creating a fresh dimension of your tablet experience. This latest dynamism was developed with Asthon Kutcher, who earlier joined Lenovo as a product engineer about a year ago. Yoga Tablet 2 Pro will certainly provide you a new dimension surprising to astonish the users with eye striking improvements supported by inbuilt premium technology. A great amalgamation of the hardware and the software feature that one of the unique proposition.

lenovo tablet

The technological design is intended to get the best upgraded media experience. A built in Pico projector which lets you beam 16:9 high resolution image screen aid to its finest output. The walls of your room transform into an instant movie providing you with that larger than life viewing up to 50 inches. This feature is not the first ever in a built in projector,but Lenovo is one of the first band that pitched that the output projector quality won’t deteriorate even if the background wall in black. The picture quality remains the same.

The crystal clear sound is incredible, you just can’t believe your ears. This tablet for the first time is supported by a 8 watt sound system with a subwoofer technology. The dual large-chamber speaker are front faced with a dynamic audio, along with a subwoofer supports the deep bass notes, whereas the Dolby Audio and Wolfson Master HiFi ensures a multi-channel listening experience reminding you of the movies. The technology supports whether you are presenting in a meeting to all your colleagues or relaxing at home watching a movie.

The movie experience matches just like enjoying a movie in a multiplex.To add a little more spice, it also has a whooping QHD 2560×1440 screen, 8 MP real camera and life of 15 hours of battery.
The Yoga Tablet 2 Pro actually makes your lives easier. The user can interact and get connected with the tablet in a new way by just handing it anywhere that suits their purpose. They can also continue to enjoy with a better angle for reading, tilt to browse much easier and it can stand upright for close up content and digital libraries. This new wonder enhances your lifestyle. It is Platinum colored, thin and light, just 3.7mm of thickness and a weight of around 950 grams.
This new tablet runs on the latest 4th generation Intel Atom processor. This helps multitasking for a smooth powerful multimedia playback. With the Brewer app which is preloaded on the tablet helps to manage contacts from various apps into one address book.

This particular tablet is intended to all the growing demand of customers for a better digital media experience .The special features along with a host of other technologies of the Yoga Tablet Pro 2 exhibits an upper edge that you can ever think of that can be incorporated in a tablet. The price is suggested $499 in the retail market, and if you are opting for 4G it will be a little extra in some markets.