Smart phone goes in the pocket comfortable with a touch of DECO

In the recent time, Distributed Electronic Cosmic-Ray Observatory (DECO) has started its own journey on the technological track. DECO reduces the size of a smart phone into a pocket phone which can run with two small apps getting downloaded. These applications make the phone into a high energy particle. Though it is small sized, but it is to be used for the multi-purposes. It will be the latest invention in the world of smart phone. Basically, smart phone application is not able to replace sensitivity and precision larger, but DECO can gear up the phone toward education as well as citizen science. Though the application is not available for all kinds of smart phones, it is only applicable for Android phones if the phone is downloaded with both applications, Deco and data logger application. It is completely upgraded by the time and generation wise. It is very important to check that how the apps can be able making smart phone in pocket size effects in the new generation.

How does cosmic ray come to power?

Cosmic rays are till now a mystery and there are available in the cosmos. It constantly breaks down itself and releases an energy particle. The particles are protons, a mixture of other particles like electrons and atomic nuclei. According to the scientist’s assumption, much more mysterious hidden matter comes into the light with the touch of cosmic rays. The Muon in the DECO is easy to be detected and with the silicon chips, smart phone camera might come to be used. The other important aspect is that with the man’s application becomes very weak in communicating particles and in that purpose, DECO is the right application which easily captures the particle information from anywhere. In all of the features in coming new generation smart phone, this particular application really has been effective and fruitful.

The basic advantage

When the smart phone transfers itself to a pocket size using DECO, then it comes very easy to handle as well carry. Though it looks pocket size but it has much more effective features like high resolution camera and quick information sending procedure. As it is upgraded with high technological equipments, as a result of that, the users will get maximum benefit which is beyond of thoughts. It is very cool and sharp when it comes to be used for the actual needs. So take your steps and be happy with the phone.

The charge of it

Though it has a high standard of features with the upcoming technology, but the cost of it is calculated with the best consideration in which most of the fashionable smart phone users can afford the cost of this. But whatever the calculation goes forward to the right destination, but the actual amount will be under process until and unless, it comes on the market. But it should go for right justification with the market value. In the meantime, all the smart phone users need to wait and should see what comes up.

Nexus 6

Awesome feature oriented Smartphone comes with Nexus 6

Every minute has a new technological advancement these days. Some smartphone come and meet the requirement in the latest technological world. In the coming year, Google is planning to launch a good and special quality oriented smartphone named Nexus 6 which will put a great renovation in the world of technological devices.

Nexus 6

Recently, Google has finally launched Nexus 6, Google’s 2014 flagship Smartphone which is based on Android OS. Basically, at a glance, this awesome device looks like a promising brand. Though, it is not much more affordable mid-ranger OS devices, but obviously, it is strongest and powerful device.

A design feature

It is categorized into six levels with slim bezels. It has the dimension of 159.2 x 82.3 x 10mm which ensures that this little one is ideally well shaped comparing the ongoing models in the market available. It has good condition speakers with the stereo features.


Undoubtedly, the display of this device is very gigantic with 5.96 inch QHD display. It is obvious that most of the people have not experienced with this mammoth sized display before. It’s 2560 x 1440 indigenous resolutions are the best and effective pixel density. It is good to hear that it has a larger resolution compared to any high grade iPhone.

Best and powerful speed

Nexus 6 has the great technology with 805 chipset comparing Krait 450 CPU clocked to 2.7 GHz per core. It also includes Adreno 420 GPU. Also it is backed by 3GB of Ram. So when anybody is with the touch of this particular model, then he or she will understand the actual speed in processing. As a result of that, young chaps will be able to use their internet with this excellent device comfortably.


The most important aspect of Nexus goes for battery life. It is being built to fix the problem with a great extent of 3220 mAH battery and it is really better quality than nexus 5. So, undoubtedly, one can use this awesome device for a long time without having any extra back. Really, it is good for high level of longevity.


When anyone searches for a good camera phone with a high range brand, then undoubtedly one surely can take Nexus 6. It has a 13 megapixel camera with the inbuilt integrated optical images. Apart from that, it has a dual flash ring. Apart from that, with the use of this one, a good photographer can take a snapshot with the top most quality and clarity.

Comfortable OS

It is needless to say that this Nexus 6 is based on the latest Android 5.0 OS, which is very popular with the name of Lollipop. The features of this operating system are up to the mark . As it has an Android latest version the user does not face any problem to upload.

Available capacity

With all other features, it has good storage capacity with 32GB and 64GB.


This startup hopes to make conference calls flawless

It’s all about teamwork, these days and your team do not only constitute your immediate neighbor at office premises but also from distant within the country or even across different countries of the world. To really work as a team you need to collaborate and coordinate and discuss a common agenda. For this you need to unite through the video conferencing vehicle. Regretfully, these conference calls are a hell and a real pain for you to attend. You really hate those Polycom or GoToMeeting, Vidyo or Skype you just name it.


But finally this anguish may have been reduced a bit, with HighFive unveiling its solution, costing around $799 this gadget hopes to achieve for the speakerphone what Nest did for the thermostat. The feature comes with an HD video camera with four pieces of microphone array that can connect to any screen which has an HDMI input. Organizing and initiating to connect with your team members seamlessly is a havoc task that you all must have got a very awful experience. The of feature in this technology is coupled with a modern software package that makes organizing and joining your group members in video call makes your life a much easier.

The hardware of this gadget consists of a compact black box between two aluminum wings that is placed atop a flat screen or mounted on the walls. Most of your frustration comes during the conference session when you seem disconnected or muted and not able to hear the voice of your colleagues and suddenly you realized that your connection are gone hay way its nothing but frustrating, isn’t it.

Highfive’s solution to this problem was to come out with good audio calls with also a good visual experience at a cheaper rate. The goal of this mission was to establish more face-to-face connection between the co-workers, transforming these video conferencing sessions more productive and useful. The gadget actually detects the active speaker and places him on the screen to be seen by all. To ensure that everyone can be heard in a bigger office space, the microphone also spots on the active speaker. And more so , it has the ability to sense the voice within as far as 30 feet, freezes that person on the microphone and eliminates other background noises with seamless and natural way presenting you with a high quality of video conferencing.

The other form of calamity is these types of connection is that most of the people have juggled up with the host code or miss placing it. Once you are in the meeting room you would end up wasting your time without any proper utilization. Clicking on the calendar link is also a nightmare where you are told to enter two different nine digit code.

With the use of Highfive is just a simple link. You have to just click the launch of your mobile app or open a tab on your desktop browser. The gadget will be linked up to 10 people for free with unlimited audio, video and screen sharing. If you want to opt for advance features and a large audience that you need to get connected, the cost will be $10 per active user per month. There is no access or host, or participating code involved to carry out the function

clever kano app

Clever Kano lets kids build computers and learn to code

Clever Kano lets kids build computers and learn to code

An age where children have access to smartphone, tablets and laptops. Accessing, learning and sharing have never been such an easy thing these days. A click of a button and you open up with a whole lot of horizons so that your children can surf around to conquer those unknown. The web provides a child with apps to explore.
The outer world has opened up, the merit goes to our mate the computers. But very little actually we know about the working of computers, or how our favorite app’s functions for the desired results. We are more into creating a generation of passive users, rather than getting to know the inside story how it was possible build or made.
The other day I was thrilled to see my nephew, he is only 8 years of age was actually letting him built a computer and learning how to code. Thanks to the new Kano computers coming up with the idea providing a child the first steps towards a rich professional career that lies ahead of them. This clever, amusing and educational for the kids for them to build their own computer promises the right footing.
Kano is targeted for any age group but more viable aimed at kid from six years to fourteen years. The appeal to make our child curious, originality and a urge for knowledge engagement is more evident to fetch Kano’s success on Kickstarter, where the London based company was able to raise more than $1.5 million. You can actually go for a pre-order at a cost of $ 149.99
Kano wants to be the LEGO of computers and coding. Easy as making with Lego that it mostly proves but one or two minor hiccups are there. The steps are conveyed in a very lucid and easy to understand illustrated booklet, in similarity of what you get in Lego sets. As it is built on Linux it should be familiar to any Windows, Mac OS X or Ubuntu user , with a large app icon, a file explorer and the toolbar at the bottom.
Your child is introduced to the world of coding through Kano. It centers around to instigate the logic and the thought angle of a child, the most essential part you actually need to excel any programming language.
Its excessively beautiful and brilliant to really draw in a child for that starting begin with all different innovations for a kid to realize his/her path through.
It additionally accompanies an inbuilt diverse segments contrasted and a completely working PC, including a minimized machine board named as Raspberry Pi, an orange Bluetooth console went hand in hand with with trackpad, a speaker, a HDMI and USB links furthermore a USB Wi-Fi dongle and 8 GB memory card accompanying a force plug, with clear case in addition to stencils and the stickers. Its excessively brilliant and splendid to really draw in a child for that starting begin with all different innovations for a kid to realize his/her path through.
The Kano experience sets off beyond coding app. The computer which comes with Chromium for browsing the web and checking email, a video player for browsing YouTube and SD card files. It is also incorporated with a basic text editor, painting apps and calculator. You also have the Kano World where your kid can download games and also different apps for functioning.

lenovo tablet

Lenovo unveils Yoga Home Theater Tablet

A new inclusion developed by Lenova is announced towards a new way to read watch connect and create. This innovation Yoga Tablet 2 Pro actually redefines creating a fresh dimension of your tablet experience. This latest dynamism was developed with Asthon Kutcher, who earlier joined Lenovo as a product engineer about a year ago. Yoga Tablet 2 Pro will certainly provide you a new dimension surprising to astonish the users with eye striking improvements supported by inbuilt premium technology. A great amalgamation of the hardware and the software feature that one of the unique proposition.

lenovo tablet

The technological design is intended to get the best upgraded media experience. A built in Pico projector which lets you beam 16:9 high resolution image screen aid to its finest output. The walls of your room transform into an instant movie providing you with that larger than life viewing up to 50 inches. This feature is not the first ever in a built in projector,but Lenovo is one of the first band that pitched that the output projector quality won’t deteriorate even if the background wall in black. The picture quality remains the same.

The crystal clear sound is incredible, you just can’t believe your ears. This tablet for the first time is supported by a 8 watt sound system with a subwoofer technology. The dual large-chamber speaker are front faced with a dynamic audio, along with a subwoofer supports the deep bass notes, whereas the Dolby Audio and Wolfson Master HiFi ensures a multi-channel listening experience reminding you of the movies. The technology supports whether you are presenting in a meeting to all your colleagues or relaxing at home watching a movie.

The movie experience matches just like enjoying a movie in a multiplex.To add a little more spice, it also has a whooping QHD 2560×1440 screen, 8 MP real camera and life of 15 hours of battery.
The Yoga Tablet 2 Pro actually makes your lives easier. The user can interact and get connected with the tablet in a new way by just handing it anywhere that suits their purpose. They can also continue to enjoy with a better angle for reading, tilt to browse much easier and it can stand upright for close up content and digital libraries. This new wonder enhances your lifestyle. It is Platinum colored, thin and light, just 3.7mm of thickness and a weight of around 950 grams.
This new tablet runs on the latest 4th generation Intel Atom processor. This helps multitasking for a smooth powerful multimedia playback. With the Brewer app which is preloaded on the tablet helps to manage contacts from various apps into one address book.

This particular tablet is intended to all the growing demand of customers for a better digital media experience .The special features along with a host of other technologies of the Yoga Tablet Pro 2 exhibits an upper edge that you can ever think of that can be incorporated in a tablet. The price is suggested $499 in the retail market, and if you are opting for 4G it will be a little extra in some markets.

graphics card

Nvidia’s new graphics cards keep the game going longer when you unplug

Gaming laptops have made a ton of progress from the huge massive boxes that would scarcely play consistent diversions to that of thin and fit and effective that can yield high determination alongside quicker yield. However the hitch is that of the story lies in the battery life. Top of the line gaming laptops can offer like the desktop like gaming execution with the point of interest of moving your portable computer from spot to place. Anyhow simply thoroughly consider, would it be able to be moved from a distant corner of our room far from an electrical plug. Regardless of the fact that you have attempted it out the execution is never entirely the same for a constrained time of time utilizing the battery when you are unplugged from the divider power supply.
Nvidia cases, having propelled the new Geforce GTX 980m and GTX 970m journal realistic cards are decently prepared to handle this issue. The organization declares that both these cards 980m and 970m is not just the most effective notepad design cards accessible in the market,but likewise has inbuilt the new power sparing gimmick for you to be stuck onto your diversions continuous for a more extended period while you are still unplugged. Utilizing these realistic cards the gaming background does not decay actually when you are unplugged and is on a par with you encounter stopping with your electric attachment.

In the event that you utilize these new realistic cards by Nvidia’s Maxwell structural engineering the execution will doubtlessly help up than the past era cards. The diversions are upheld by higher than 1080p determination and coupled with the backing of the new lighting procedures to make the diversion more reasonable. The organization with the engineering progression wants to close in the crevice with its new its new line of versatile realistic cards, the top of the line Geforce GTX 980m and 970m.

The most captivating progression of this current Nvidia’s blessing is its Batteryboost characteristic. To make clear this Batteryboost advancement really deals with the execution of the amusement for a continuous predictable experience when you are even unplugged. The gimmicks out of sight spare overabundance transforming force keeping up the effectiveness even now keeping up the pace of 30 casings for every second. Nvidia pronounces that the new card presents to eight times the casing rate execution and can indicate 55 percent longer playing time that you would have ever considered.

Nvidia procedure will likewise enhance to a super ultra determination yield utilizing the figuring force of these improved realistic cards is of higher the 4k determination, then scaling down to the common determination of a showcase of 1920 x 1080 changing the picture with top of the line subtle elements than a straight 1080p that you have basically encounter till date.

The battery life of Macbook Air or Windows Ultrabook gaming laptops don’t have an additional long battery life that can continue endlessly for a considerable length of time, yet profiting the Nvidia’s headway can recognizable have that exceptional effect of the augmentation of the battery life so you can revel in your amusement a much an any longer time. The new GTX 980m and GTX 970m are accessible in record books from Asus, MSI, Gigabyte and Clevo for get hold of the stunning knowledge of gaming.

Goji app

Goji is an Emoji keyboard that Recommends Great Food and Drinks

Now then, there is another introduction of the high tech keyboards, unveiling of Goji. Goji is an app that uses emojis to provide the best spot for activity. Earlier we came across predictive keyboards, doodle keyboards and even GIF keyboards from the latest mobile operating system from Apple iOS 8. Just a tap on one of the keyboard 48 gojis which include coffee, pizza, sushi , the beach, a bowling ball and much and you just get hold of the quick list of the three best places nearby. Not only that you can get further information by tapping and Goji inserts a link to the place in the conversation for you to get the correct direction.

Goji app

The keyboard, The Last Guide Company’s first product was founded by Josh Williams, who previously founded check-ins service Foursquare before he resigned from the company in 2013 after we haven’t heard from him since. Foursquare was acquired by Facebook in 2011. The most interesting part of the story is why does Goji show only three recommendations per category. The crux is that Goji is not at all practical.

Goji actually aims to make a search to find the best possible options available at that particular time and position. If you regard Yelp is for general local search and Foursquare for personalized local search, the Last guide product will just notify you what that best option available for that particular moment. The idea was to reduce the choices to the best three ideas for coffee, dinner or a sushi place. To provide a lot of options will make the customers puzzled to choose the right spot. The design was to decrease the paradox of choice. To spot having to decide the best alternative will certainly be inclined to recommendations from the people that you really trust or just the context in general as schemed up by Josh Williams.

Users can get up to three suggestions for venue in town by clicking the images on the screen The feature also come as they can text the locations to friends as well share the information via Facebook, Twitter or any other social networks. The recipients will get the suggestions if you are searching for a Beer hangout or a cup of coffee. The link received will have more information about the exact location.

Presently, Goji included the other yet to be launched services from Last Guide Products only operates in a handful of cities. They now operate in LA, NYC, Portland and San Francisco, but the company has plans to expand to other cities also. A really hard task in hands for Williams, as the last guide is basically is fueled by the various recommendations by the experts, instead taking use of the numerous data as used by Foursquare and Yelp. To overcome this hurdle, he recruited Meredith Arthur, a former editor of Chow magazine and also was associated with The Food network. But in an age where so much local recommendation circle around user data, is it the right time to pass on the ball back to the experts?


Hackers to leak thousands of unauthorized Snapchat pictures

Wake up for an unpleasant surprise. Explicit images believed to have sent through messaging services are reported to be put online, with threats from hackers to upload more. Thousands of nude videos and images sent through Snapchat could be leaked hackers warned.


Earlier this week an anonymous 4chan user claimed to have received the on Snapchat, the third party messaging service that usually allows users to send pictures that disappear after a second. Now the messages posted on the 4chan suggest that up to 200,000 images will be released soon at an event dubbed as The Snapping.
The compromising Snapchat photos and videos are in the process of being leaked with the first leaked nude picture of Jennifer Lawrence and also other celebrities. An assortment of nearly 13GB private Snapchat is presently circulating through 4Chan. This is not the first time that Snapchat is facing security problems, but the time the bleach is through a third party app used as a catalog snaps. Users usually had an assumption that these private pictures would only be available visible in the Snapchat head office and the third party apps. They were completely astonished to see these private pictures circulated openly on the web.Hackers were in fact was able to access these videos and pictures that lets you save Snapchat interactions by the third party. Usually the Snapchat erases the pictures and videos in seconds.

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It is still unclear that who is actually responsible for this insanitary, the third party or Snapchat but the figure of suspicion points through a web service hosted at At the same time, these leaked unwholesome photos have also been tracked via the site Snapchat leaked. It actually suggests that this unlawful incident was being initiated circulated for quite some long time maybe some months back.

The company officials made a statement that Snapchat server were never breached and are not the source of this hollow incident. Snapchat further pointed out they are victimized by the use of third party apps to send and receive snaps. This in the terms of the use of Snapchat was prohibited as they had a notion never to compromise with the security of the trusted customers. The statement further clarified that the company monitors the App Store and Google Play for any illegal third party apps. The company was successful in getting rid of these most of the time.

At the start of this year about 4.6 million user names and phone numbers were leaked online. The most recent event the service has been suffering from spam messages being sent out from the useraccount without any knowledge of the user.
Whatever the company tries to elucidate, it’s a reminder that the propagation of the third party is a security at risk, a problem that have actually had to be confronted by the users. But most of the social network like Snapchat often provides a go ahead, encouraging the outside developers to fabricate new tools on top of their usual set up. This is an actual threat which the Snapchat authorities discovered, the results leads to privacy violation for the users.

zynga game

Zynga launches revamped ‘Words With Friends’

Who does not remember the game Farmville. Yes, it was Zynga the pioneered in social games is launching a new version of Words with Friends gaming circuit. The target of the company is to regain footing in the mobile technology age. Still recently Zynga Inc has been struggling in the mobile game market for some time and this is why the company is again trying to re-strategize. One of the steps was to rebooting hit games. First, they launched a new version of the Farmville. And now the company is introducing a new adoption of Words with Friends for iOS and Android device.

zynga game

Words with Friends was first launched five years back in 2009 same like the Scrabble game concept. This word puzzle game of Scrabble has a large social participation is currently with around 7.7 billion players across the globe is in the top free games on Apple’s App store.

Zynga taking a player centric approach to coincide with the present lifestyle of the evolving mobile habits can able to play the games at their own schedule time targeting more player participation. The most outstanding feature in the new version of the Words with Friends is that you can actually play solo all by your own and be able to adjust the level of the games according to your skills and performance level. There is a computer controlled challenger to adjust your level of gaming. Above all it won’t even require internet connection for that.

Just wait. You are not sidelined playing solo games just by your own. You can actually invite and player Community matches. The computer detects the ideal component for you or you can invite your personalized contacts. There is also an additional feature to strengthen your vocabulary. Every day if you happen to learn at least a single word from this unique feature, it will surely enhance your skills and you can prove victorious at the end of the word fights . You will be getting to know your opponent player with various statistics like number of wins and losses with strong and unique words that are used by the player, so that you prepare yourself taking guards before entering the arena.

You can also spot a lot of change in the design of the Words with Friends game. The game fabrication is a lot sleeker and smarter to attract more users to feel the difference.

The market scenario in the overall mobile gaming platform has a strong foothold with increasing prospects, but the market position of Zynga is on a downward slide. The company is still struggling. The issues confronting deal with the problems in regard to the quality of the game, various spam issues that arise here and then and that of the intellectual property.

Zynga currently is going through a lot of change as the company appointed a new chief executive officer Don Mattrick taking over in 2013. The company with buying Newtoy the expansion focused on “With Friends” brand with the included games like Mathing with Friends, Running with Friends and Hanging with Friends. Now the focus shifts on the “Words” part of the original game title. The organization is currently testing new games like Words on Tour in the countries like Ireland and Singapore.

New Technology Gives Truck Drivers safe drive

Volvo Truck has developed new technology which can eliminate the risk of accidents caused by a limited field of vision as it enables a vehicle to do a 360 degree scan of everything in its surroundings. Interpreting like a human mind the technology can check to scrutinize the surroundings and imply actions to avoid accidents killing life and damaging property. Though this technology is still in the testing phase it will surely become a reality in the next five to ten years from now.

The new technology in the heavy vehicle industry is not limited only to VolvaTruck. Mercedes- Benz believes that it has gifted with a self driven semi truck that would also minimize the highway tragedies that happens so often killing thousands of lives.

Unprotected roads are accident prone when a lot of large vehicles move around along with pedestrians and cyclists in the urban areas. The newly developed technology of minimizing accidents resulted with the help of the unique research project by the Volvo Truck authorities called Non-Hit Car was in collaboration with Volva cars. For the very first ever the truck driver will be able to see a complete surrounding of activities and get information to evade any accident. They will get the information via sensors, radars and cameras placed around the vehicle. Above all, if the driver does not care to respond, automatic brakes will function all by its own.

The Future Truck 2025 as it is named by Mercedes-Benz is not able to navigate autonomously like the Google fleet of cars, but is quite capable of holding its own stride in the open road. The combination of advanced dual cameras, radar sensors and the latest-spot technology, the Highway pilot referred to by the Mercedes- Benz officials. The Future Truck 2025 will be able to scrutinize the road environment and get an idea of the traffic and the road condition. This technology is also in the research stage and have to be merged to access to a free towards occurring any accidents on the highway.
But once incorporated the driver can just sit back,relaxing and stretching his legs inside the Future Truck. This heavy vehicle will be hitting the roads with a lot of new innovations. A Samsung tablet in hand, a driver can even shift away from the wheel towards a more comfortable resting position. There would be various touch panels, wood floor, ambient light and a lot of space.

From the outside when the truck is on the road at a speed of 50mph, the front LED grid will change its color from white to blue and will be a striking visual cue for the nearby drivers. The Future Truck 2025 automaker also do not expect this concept to function from the very next day. They do understand to make it commercially viable, they have at least wait for a decade to come up zooming in the road. Both Volvo Trucks and Future Truck 2025 do have a vision, to drive safely getting rid of all the accidents that take away live of so many people every year.