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3 of the Best Mobile Wireless Drives Available

Are you dependent on your smartphone or tablet? Most people are; yet many have little or no backup system in place for all the video, photos, and other data they’re constantly collecting. With a wireless backup device, you can connect anytime and easily offload your pics and clips to free up valuable storage space on your phone and keep your memories safe. A wireless drive can be set up as a mobile media server, used as a daily backup option, or tossed in your suitcase to back up  photos and keep your phone’s memory free when you travel. Here are some of the best options on the market.

WD My Passport Wireless


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My Passport Wireless is a solid choice, offering blazing speed, compact size, and storage options ranging from 500GB to 2TB. The device can connect using USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 in addition to its Wifi option. It supports up to eight client devices and carries a two-year warranty. The drive sports an SD card slot and a dual-stream setup 802.11 Wi-Fi network. The main tradeoff for My Passport’s turbocharged speed and extra features is battery life; expect no more than five hours, and less if you’re conneting with multiple devices.

Seagate Wireless Plus

The Seagate has a 1TB capacity and will connect with as many as eight mobile devices. The Seagate Wireless Plus works well as a backup drive or as a mobile media server. Its ten-hour battery life is impressive, and adds a lot of convenience for on-the-go users like photographers, developers, and bloggers. This drive is covered by a three-year warranty. The extended battery life and large capacity make the Seagate a solid performer in spite of its disappointingly slow single-band Wi-Fi (802.11n) network.

Corsair Voyager Air

The Corsair Voyager Air also offers up to 1TB of storage for as many as eight mobile devices. It’s a fast portable USB 3.0 drive that can relay internet access via Wi-Fi, although the speed is somewhat disappointing. The Voyager’s battery life runs for about seven hours, putting it squarely in the middle between the Seagate and the My Passport devices. The Corsair is the only drive of the three that comes with a car charger in addition to the usual wall charger. Corsair has recently replaced the Voyager’s clunky interface with an app that promises to be more powerful and intuitive.

Consider the Cloud

Does having a wireless drive mean you don’t also need cloud storage? Not if you’re carrying important data. You could easily lose your mobile device and wireless drive simultaneously in a house fire or theft. A particularly nasty virus could pass from your phone to your backup drive and wipe out everything in both locations. If you use your mobile device for business, or if you care deeply about your data, take time to learn about cloud storage and security in addition to using a wireless drive for quick backups.

If your mobile device is your third hand, second brain, and best friend rolled into one, then backing it up regularly is an obvious choice. Wireless drives and cloud storage make it an easy choice as well.

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