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5 Crucial Features iPhone 7 Stole From The Android

iPhone 7 says that this is the best iPhone ever from Apple, doesn’t that sound familiar? Well, of course, it does because Apple says it every release Spoilers alert. That is the same story you hear from the Apple, which never gets older.

Apple has all rights to say that they an iPhone but not the innovative phone. Did you know that iPhone ios made for innovating the world in technology and dominate the industry with the features and the powerful smartphone ever. There are many things on the iPhone which are too Samsung. There is no doubt that every iPhone, Apple equip has the touch and the quality the industry has to offer…

The Apple latest release has many features from iOS 10 to iPhone 7, then iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7S Plus, and the list keep goes are entirely copied from the Android smartphones or Samsung smartphones. I know many of you started off with an iPhone and you don’t realize that 80% features on iPhone 7 are available since 2012.

Are you buying an iPhone 7 because of the unique features? Think twice now because most of the latest features are not unique.

5 Crucial Features iPhone 7 Stole From The Android

iPhone 7 and Later Models – Dual-camera

Dual-camera setup on iPhone 7 Plus

Apple iPhone is known for taking best selfies and photos from the rear and front cams, despite they don’t have the highest pixels. Apple iPhone 7 has dual-camera which has been introduced by the HTC Ultrapixel. Not only one model but other smartphone joins like HTC  M8; LG G5 have dual camera modes on it, and now Apple says it’s revolutionary, you be the judge.

First Ever iPhone With Water Resistant Capability

Water Resistant

Well, iPhone 7 release event is where Apple has added a revolutionary feature, and that is called “Water Resistant,” every was so happy but later added, “Sony implemented that three years ago”. Not only that many other brands followed example Samsung smartphone, which was released before Apple iPhone 7.However, Samsung has won the test of Dust and Water resistant.

The Future – Cordless Earphones

Cordless Earphones

Apple has also announced that they have killed 3.5mm jack from the iPhone because they are too outdated but the fact is that 3.5mm jack is consuming a lot of space then how did Samsung added 3.5mm to the Note 7 and Edge 7. Well, that is not the fun part, you need to buy a pair of Cordless Earphone which is $159. I don’t know if Apple has come across Bluetooth earphone before? i mean they own BEATS headset company.

Ditched 3.5mm Jack

Ditched 3.5mm Jack

Apple tool to next level and they introduced USB Type-C Port for listening to the music using the wire. That is brave and not the smart move.

Processor – Quad-core Chipset

Quad-core Chipset

Apple is known for stealing ideas from the Samsung, which is the only competitor for the Apple in the market. But did you know that HTC has the best innovations like HTC EDGE is the first smartphone to have Quad-Core processor and that was released in 2012.


I wouldn’t say that Apple iPhone 7 is not a good smartphone, but i will let you be the judge. I have shared my thoughts and i would you to answer and share your thoughts.

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