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5 Mario Like Games For Android Smartphones

Half of the globe has played the game called Mario. Mario has been one of the major games on the consoles during the old days. The game has taken over the world of gaming, and the people aged between 5 to 20 has praised the game as their childhood best game, which is a great accomplishment. Mario has been placed on the last of the position because currently, the world is focusing on the Android smartphone and the game is not available on the Android smartphone.

Unfortunately, the game is not available for the smartphones like Android, and the game is now available only on the iOS and the Mario developers currently not planning to develop for the Android smartphone which is one of the downfalls for the Android users.

So we have compiled a list of games which are not only decent but also they can be played as Mario.

5 Mario Like Games For Android Smartphones

Rayman Adventures

Rayman Adventures game is similar to the Mario game and you can play the as the alternative for the Mario. the Rayman Adventures is more graphical and it has many levels which are similar to the Mario levels, Perhaps this can be the perfect replacement for the Android users

The game is available for free, for beginners but if you want to buy some credits and increase some points, then you may have to pay for it.

Super Plumber Run

Super Mario Run is official game for the Mario, but since the game is not available for the Android users, then few decent developers have worked on the match and created a look-alike Super Mario Run, which is called Super Plumber Run. The name might be funny, but the game is more like the original Mario. The game has many levels and power-ups which Super Mario Run does not have, and I enjoyed playing this version of the game because the game is light and is not complicated.

Adventure Beaks

The name of the game is pretty unique, and also it has some unique features which make this game special if you are expecting more than just a natural look alike. Super Mario Run is the official game from the Mario developers but Adventure Beaks are one of it’s kind as it has its power-ups and levels.

Mikey Shorts

The game is not that graphically but the game is the old version of the Mario, which makes it interesting for those who want to get their hands on the Mario look-alike. Mikey shorts might not look like Mario new version or any of the game on the list but this is indedd good for the old players.

5. Wind-up Kight 2

Wind-up Knight 2 has similarities to the Mario super run but that game has it’s own story line and it has it’s levels. The game has unique power-ups and levels which is good for new type of gamers.


There is a rumor going on that the Mario Developers are developing the Android version of the game but until then you can use these game as an alternative.

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