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5 Useful Android Features You Never Used

Android is known for using it like the way you want it to be; customization is sure is on the different level. Using an Android smartphone wouldn’t be difficult for anyone but did you know that you are using many third-party apps to solve an issue and it consumed space and your time but did you know that many of them are inbuilt, and you are not aware that many features which are inbuilt on the Android platform.

Did you know that there are few features which you are using on your smartphone, learn those features and use them.

5 Useful Android Features You Are Not Using

Android Device Manager

Have you lost your smartphone? Why don’t you take precautions then you can use the  Android Device Manager to Locate and erase data of the smartphone. You can do that by Go to Settings > Security > Device Administrator and enable “Android Device Manager, well done. Make sure that you need Google Account for this to work.

Android device manager will give your smartphone access to make changes when your smartphone is stolen, and you can find your smartphone and also erase the data on the smartphone.

Google Screen Search Known As Now on Tap

Google Screen Search is also known as Now On Tap, is now better on the Android Marshmallow version. You can use to search what is on the screen, so you don’t have to spend time in searches, typing texts and more.

User Accounts

When you have aTablet at your home, and the number of users is more, then you can add User Accounts for different people so that they can access their files whenever they switch accounts. This feature does not affect the smartphone or tablet features not it will l slow down your Tablet. This feature will not affect your files or media at all.You can do that by Settings > Users Add User > Set up now, that’s it. To turn, you can tap on the ICON on the notification.

Screen Pinning

Many people are around you, but they look into your chats, photos and more. But you can restrict it by using the feature called SCREEN PINNING, to enable it you can Settings->-Security->Screen Pinning and enable it, Now enable it. Screen pinning will only let the user access the tab which you want him or her to view. This is very useful app when you are in between friends.

Smart Lock

Android users download third-party apps to lock their screens, but you can do that without any app. Go to settings>Security> Screen Lock. You can choose from three options Pattern, Pin, High safety, and Thumb. When you forget the password or the pattern, you can unlock it by your Google email and password so that nobody can reset it expect you.


Here are the five useful Android inbuilt features which many people do not and they end up downloading third-party apps from the store. Enabling the features does not slow your Android smartphone down but the third-party apps will slow it down. Is there any feature which we have not mentioned here? do let us know what you think about it?

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