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Android Music App: Do you Like To Create Music?

Creating amazing music takes a lot of time and grip. With Android smartphone you can actually create some good music, maybe not at a high-level but if you are a beginner and you want to learn how yo operate and work around with the music then I would recommend you to download the list of apps which will give you an insight on how you can create excellent music.

On play store, there are thousands of apps which claim to work fantastic and help you learn in creating music but none of them are capable as they claim to be, so We have compiled a list of music which can help you learn the music chords, guitar and many other things in your hands.

Android Music App: Do you Like To Create Music?

Music Maker Jam

music maker jam screenshot

Music maker jam is one of the popular apps on Android platform. The app allows you to play different beats and lets you do multitask. The app lets you add different beats and styles like Funk, Rock, Pop, Jazz and more. The price of the app is zero.

FL Studio Mobile App

fl studio mobile for android

FL Studio is a paid app where you have to invest $20 to download the app and try it out. The app has many features which can be seen in the premium studio version equipment have, and it is very effective when it comes to creating the music. Features Beats, Funk, EQ, Limiter, Amp enhancer, Filters ad much more.


This music app has many features which are required if you plan to play and at the same time you are learning. The app has features like Vibrato, Sound Effects, Filters and more so that you can actually use it like a pro.

Robotic Guitarist

If you are a learner and you plan to learn Guitar then you should definitely try Robotic guitarist which has plenty of features for learners who have just started as a guitarist. The app comes with a guide which you guide you on how you can play the guitar at the maximum level

Nanoloop Music Editing App

nanoloop screenshot

Nanoloop is a premium app which is build for personal use, and you can create DJ music and play th8em at your parties. The nano look has got many features which make it premium but do not get your hopes high as the app is built for only personal use.

Caustic 3

caustic 3

Looking for a professional touch, eh? Then you should give this app a try which will help you access some wild and amazing features which are only available on the major studios or apps. There is no app which can beat this beast when it comes to personalized music creator. The interface is indeed difficult, but when you are used to it, you can make magic with this beast music app.


Now what are you waiting for? Launch Google play and download your favorite music creator app and start making some amazing music.

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