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Audio Technica’s ATH- S300 for the best listening experience

The latest device developed by Audio Technica, ATH-S300 provides a very good quality head phone for music lovers especially for the young chaps. The device is shaped with 1.2, round cable along with 3.5mm audio jack angled at 90 degrees. It provides completely noise free sound and no humming comes in the midst of any kind of music. For the customers to make a unique choice, the company provides the headphones different colors excluding black. Anyone can use this headphone with Xolo Q700, Sony XperiaZ3, Moto X and higher graded smart phone.

Best features and building affair

The company provides headphones in various colors. Apart from the color. It is very important to note that it is more functional than its looks and styles. The ATH S300 is manufactured with 1.2m round cable and 3.5mm audio jack with 90 degree shape of angle. The cans are surrounded by the foam made of faux leather material. Its noise isolation feature is really good making the listening experience of a user comfortable and memorable

The price

ATH-S300 provides good headphones with the best noise isolation feature. The headphone is processed with good sound technique, but it is very important to know weather the price of this device is affordable. To know the exact price of this device, you can go online and search in the company’s official website where you can notice the exact price Rs. 3,199 which is really beyond thought. Apart from price range, you can seek more information related to the product features and contact details like phone number or the email address to but the device.