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Best Free VPN Apps for Android To Protect Your Privacy Online

VPN is known for protecting your information from all kind of Internet threats, and it has been used by millions of people worldwide. One of the reasons why many use the VPN is to protect their identity from the people who are trying to steal your information from you. When you are using VPN, a website which is known for spam will be blocked, ADS that can harm you potentially will be banned from the list, and many other things will take effect when you sue VPN.

Don't you know which VPN to use? then learn which VPN is popular and we have compiled a list of VPN's that can help you.

So have compiled a list of VPN’s which can help you hide your identity from the harmful people for your smartphone.

Best Free VPN Apps for Android To Protect Your Privacy Online

VPN by SurfEasy

Well, almost many users have been introduced to the SurfEasy app or the Windows version of the program. It doesn’t matter which platform it is available on because the Android app which they have made for the users is in of amazing. The app has many features which are not only reliable and also the app never crash. The app allows you to surf 250MB per day and you can increase it by either buying the premium version or you can just finish the task.

Hotspot Shield

The name of the VPN intimidates when you are planning to use it for primary VPN.The app requires you to register to use the services, and the app is reliable when it comes to the delivering the job. The VPN host never gets down, and the list keeps get updated from time to time.The app has two version both Free and Paid version for heavy users.


Betternet is a decent app with a decent number of VPNs options, and it does come at a free of charge, You can use this app and expect not to pay anything for any of the services. One of the amazing part of the app is that you can surf the eight cities in the USA for free. There are many VPN’s in the app store but this app has the highest positive reviews, and many recommend fellow Android users to use the app.

VPN Master Free

Not every app is the best in the market but there are few other VPNS you can try when the major one’es are down or not functioning properly. You can use VPN master as an alternative but it is advised to use the app for primary purposes as well.

Opera VPN

Opera has been acquired by a Chinese company and Opera has not launched VPN for Browsers and Android smartphone which you can use the app. One of the best features of the app is that you don’t need to do much to use it. You can simply launch the app, and tap ON, then the Opera VPN will choose the best closest server for your convenience


VPN’s are very useful and they do protect you from the privacy invaders.Do you think we have missed anything? let us know what you think of the list.


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