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Byju’s – The Learning App for UPSC Exam Preparation

UPSC is one of the most prestigious and competitive exams conducted by the Union Public Service Commission. UPSC conducts the Civil Services Examination (CSE), popularly known as IAS or Indian Administrative Service exam. Aspiring candidates are expected to be very hard working and dedicated for this exam.

UPSC has a vast syllabus so candidates should opt a good strategy while preparing for the examination. Most students take a long time to prepare and as a result, fail to retain everything they learned for a longer period of time. This is the reason students face a lot of difficulties to crack this exam in their first attempt and drop a year to prepare for the next exam.

With the revolution and advancement in technology, the way of learning has changed in the current years. Byju’s – The Learning App, a revolutionary application was launched which has attractive and innovative ways to make students fall in love with learning from the basic level.

Byju’s the Learning App – What is it?

Byju’s App is a learning platform which provides students with various courses and video lectures which are created in a very interesting and innovating way so that students get engaged with the topics and learn properly and clear their concepts. The video lessons are presented by expert teachers of that respective subject. And now with Byju’s, students can learn anytime and anywhere. 

Reasons to choose Byju’s for UPSC Exam Preparation

One of the first questions that most students and parents ask is “Why Byju’s ?”. Well, for that we need to understand that Byju’s is not the replacement of the traditional way of learning but it is a supplement to what we learn. Some of the reasons to choose Byju’s – The Learning App for UPSC Exam Preparation are explained below. 

Visualize the Concepts

Clearing the basic concepts is one of the biggest problems for most candidates. Byju’s provide video lessons with 3D animation and In-air projections to help students understand the concepts in a better way.

Adaptive Learning

Due to the vast UPSC Syllabus, candidates face lots of problems while preparing for the exam. Sometimes candidates cannot understand a certain topic due to complex concepts. Byju’s has this great feature called Adaptive Learning. Through this students can learn at their own pace, clear their concepts and analyze and work on their weak and strong sections.

Doubt Clearing Sessions

Candidates learning from Byju’s are provided with a personal mentor so that they can clear their doubts properly. The mentors are expert in their respective fields and provide students with additional notes to help them understand clearly. Through this, students can interact with their teachers throughout the day.

Classroom Courses for UPSC

Byju’s also provide classroom courses for UPSC Exam. Candidates learning from the app can also attend Byju’s Classes which are provided by top teachers in India. The classroom classes and the Video lessons are synchronized so that the students can clear all their doubts and remember the concepts for a longer time.

Adaptive Tests and Mock Papers

Byju’s also provide candidates with test series and mock papers through which candidates can prepare themselves. Test series also help students to analyze where they stand so that they can improve their weak sections.

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With a degree in Engineering, ShankhaSamanta is a content writer by profession. He is a vehement reader apart from writing and blogging along with part-time teaching. He is presently exploring all about the digital education with Byju’s-the Learning App.

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