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Classic Car Aficionados Unite

The thing about car museums is that no two are alike. After all, what makes a car unique and rare in a museum, is the fact that it is by virtue, unique and rare. Given this fun fact about car museums, it’s no wonder people come from all over to places all over the world, to see just how unique and rare these car collections can be. From the private collections of celebrity stars, to the open source museums across the globe, classic car aficionados love to make their way to these one-of-a-kind museums to see what treasures they might uncover.

The Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles could be its own work of art in a museum. The building is dizzying and beautiful and houses some of the world’s most beautiful cars. Dedicated fans can become a member and gain access to the most exclusive collections, while the general galleries are open to the public, year round.

The Porsche Museum in Germany is one museum to put on your must-visit list. Who doesn’t know Porche and love what the sexy designs and speed stand for? It’s iconic stylings and power are recognizable the world over, from the smallest car fun to the oldest car guru. Guys like Magnus Walker, who know a thing or two about cars, features himself sitting on the hood of a Porsche.

The Sharjah Classic Cars Museum in the United Arab Emirates showcases one of the most extensive car collections in the world. Mostly from the early 20th century, this car collection features cars from celebrities, royalty, and special edition releases.

The Haynes International Motor Museum in England houses almost 500 specialty cars from all over the world. Everything from racing cars to private transportation cars, this museum has it all. There’s even a venue for the little ones. Car guys and gals will appreciate that they can take their families to this historic museum.

The Louwman Museum in The Netherlands offers a wide variety of “transportation” history to take in. Everything from coaches to motorized vehicles, this museum really helps you take a step back in time, or, a drive down memory lane. This museum, like many others, offers an exclusive club for members and regulars to the area.

The BMW Museum in Munich, Germany is a staple on this list. BMW resonates both new and old. Always innovating, yet never veering far from the original concepts, BMW has a rich history to share with its audience in this performance automobile museum.

Wherever your car enthusiasm takes you, take some time to seek out one of these amazing museums. It’s no secret that people love their cars, now you can see how they have been cared for, stored, restored, and preserved to share with generations to come. The next time you are in a new city or on an adventure, add a trip to the local car museum to your itinerary. You’ll be surprised by what you find inside of these amazing memory preservations.


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