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Converting Videos Using Movavi Video Converter

How much do you understand about video formats? Odds are while you may recognize some of the 3-letter abbreviations that are used to denote various video formats, you don’t really know much about them. However formats are a lot more important than you may realize as they can not only affect the compatibility of your videos with different devices, but also its file size, quality, and a variety of other areas.

Unfortunately fully understanding video formats can be fairly technical, as can converting your videos from one format to another. The good news is you can make it a lot easier – and all you need is Movavi Video Converter.

By using Movavi Video Converter you can start to convert your videos between any formats such as 3GP to MP4, AVI to MOV, WMV to MPG, and so on. More importantly while it will give you the option to choose the format you want, it will also give you alternatives that can help you to automatically optimize your video format and settings.

When you want to convert a video using Movavi Video Converter, start clicking on the ‘Add Media’ then ‘Add Video’ buttons and selecting it so that it is added to the software. Next click on the ‘Video’ tab in the lower section and choose the format you want to convert to.

Assuming you’d like to automate that part, you could find a preset for a specific platform or open up the ‘Devices’ tab for presets for various devices. If you select a preset, Movavi Video Converter will automatically convert your videos so that its format and video settings are optimized for that device or platform.

Once you’re satisfied with the video format or preset you’ve selected, all that remains is to click ‘Convert’ and Movavi Video Converter will quickly convert your video and save it in the destination folder. Before you do that however, you should keep in mind that you can manually tinker with the other video parameters or compress your video file size too.

In fact with the features in Movavi Video Converter you can also convert image and audio files, create animated GIFs, save frames of video footage or extract and save the audio tracks. It has some editing tools too, that will help you enhance the quality of videos, trim unwanted segments, merge clips together, and more.

All in all it should be clear that you don’t need any technical expertise or knowledge to convert and optimize your video’s formats using Movavi Video Converter. It will make it a piece of cake for you to ensure your videos are in the right format, and if you like you can use it for a lot more than that too.

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