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Curbside takes on the big guys for in-store pickup

The online shopping industry is expanding day by day shifting to the mobile platform, a new shopping start-up called Curbside launched its services. A number of companies including Amazon, Google, eBay, Instscard and others which an intention to provide prompt service to the customers are trying to deliver the online purchased product on the same day itself, Curbside is actually trying to position itself with a different solution a same-day pickup from the local stores. This service from this new startup is supported by ordering from your mobile with options to pick up from the stores, without leaving the comfort of your car. Yes, you read it right. Just call, provide your name and away you go with your stuff. And for this not a single dollar you have to shell out as service charge.

The new shopping apps can be downloaded for iOS and Android devices, initially the company starting its services in the San Francisco Bay Area and have plans to expand to 15 markets nationwide by 2015. Curbside lets you choose and pick up items from the local stores may include target, crate and barrel, home depot and others. Once you made your purchase using the Curbside apps, the company claims that it will be available for pickup within an hour. These facilities are provided by the various tents erected outside those stores.

At the 10 Target stores in the San Francisco bay area including the Metreon and Geary St locations as well as the Westfield Oakridge shopping center in San Jose you just have to drive up and the order will be ready for you, but in other participating retailers a notification will tell you that your order is ready for delivery. The apps will also and let the Target people know your location and when you are on your way picking up the stuff. The best part of Curbside is that you can grab a few items from your way back from office without not having to park your car parking cellar and wander around the departmental store and standing in queues for making the payment.

Curbside founded by former Apple engineers, both of them have the backgrounds in location based technology. Jaron Waldman, who founded Placebase was later sold to Apple. While in Cupertino he has acquired experience and worked on products like iPhoto, iAd and Maps. Curbside other founder Denis Laprise also a founder of a location technology company called Poly9 which was again taken over by Apple.
Both of them resigned last year to raise $1.5 million in seed funding. Whether you are staying the suburbs or in a metropolitan area being able to conveniently pick up and quickly get your merchandise or groceries is indeed a value added service. Retailers be it big or small are viewing it as a great way to provide store visit.
Curbside is fundamentally based on sophisticated, and data driven approach they are employing. Without a strong technical approach for availability, pricing and above all the local base mobile tech is the greatest challenge the company is to confront.