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home Technology First online murder will happen by the end of the year, warns US firm

First online murder will happen by the end of the year, warns US firm

The first “online murder” expected to take place before the end of the year. Is the government is not at all prepared to combat this evolving danger of targeting victims as the cyber criminals exploit via internet technology. IID the cyber security firmed based out of Washington and cited by Europol warned the latest dangers in the online crime scenario. The risks may come with objects of the critical infrastructure controlled and connected by the internet may lead to physical injury and possible deaths by computer attacks on safety equipment.

cyber crime

The police departments need to adapt and familiarize with the forensic techniques in order to address the dangers that uphold these crimes. With the new internet we use for anything and everything this new era of interconnection from a diminutive garage door system to the vast hospital health system these entire stuff is controlled by computer networks. Till date there have been no proven cases of murder by interfacing or alteration of these computer networks by they seems to suggest hacking is such an easy phenomenon with numerous flaws in the security network system.

Online murder how exactly it might happen

The concept of online murder coming to our threshold is the development of smart cars or home or even cities. If the devices which control the smartness is not protected properly , the hackers can open them to make money or to attack components.

IID expects that a murder will happen by means of someone hacking a device which is connected to the internet. The US food and drug administration department have already alarmed the healthcare industry about cyber attacks. These may include 300 medical devices like the pacemaker, implantable insulin pumps, ventilators or even defibrillators. Former US vice president Dick Cheney even went on to switch off the wireless functions of the pacemaker he went for surgery to prevent from being hacked.

Not only the medical technology is at risk

Not only the healthcare industry is at risk, but the agency suggested there maybe new forms of extortion or blackmailing like through different connecting devices. Locking people in their respective smart cars or homes as they maybe blackmailed for a lump sum of money in return. Recognition of voice and face can open up security that may follow disaster.

The former US security analyst Richard Clarke went beyond portraying a situation that a control system of a car can lead to terrorism. A car control can be seized without brakes , or accelerating speed or launch an air bag can create destructive activities murdering numerous people simply by hacking and it’s not at all a tough thing to do.

So what are the steps being taken for prevention

A new diverse approach is needed to combat cyber crime. Stronger cross border cooperation in terms of enforcing laws and more of a public – private partnership are some of the initiatives that have to be taken. The forensics department needs adopt and grow. The government need to continuously monitor the situation to stay connected with the latest developments so that the laws, policies and regulations are in place to counter attack these hackers.