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Don’t Imprison Apple’s Latest Release-Keep It Free With A Decal

The latest iPhone 7 is a work of art. It deserves to be seen and experienced in all of its glory. You can’t expect to box it away in a clunky plastic case in the name of protection and still show off its sleek, ultra-thin curves. All of Apple’s signature design will be lost,hidden away by awkward, ugly plastic, as soonas the protective shell’s thick walls clip into place. While safety is certainly a priority with such a delicate gadget, nobody buys the 7 (at considerable cost, no less) only to conceal the stylistic features for which it’s known. You need something that shows off the very reason why you got the 7 without leaving it vulnerable to cosmetic and structural damage. Luckily, you can get the best of both worlds by wrapping your 7 in a decal.


Known by some as skins, decals add serious protection without interfering with the 7’s aesthetics. The best selection of iPhone skins are made to complement the mobile’s dimensions perfectly, accommodating both the hardware and its overall style. Cut to within a micro-millimeter of Apple’s official blueprints, they offer a superior fit that adds less than half a millimeter to its overall size. Your iPhone will remain the device you invested in, however with three main improvements.

  1. Protection
    The top decals iPhone 7s can be wrapped in will make sure cosmetic damage is a thing of the past. Its airtight layer around the mobile creates a barrier between it and the scary world. It stands up to sharp edges and rough handling that would normally scratch or scrape the aluminum. As an added bonus, the same material won’t show any fingerprints, making your 7 look a lot cleaner than it actually is. You only have to worry about buffing away grime from its touchscreen.
  2. Grip
    The 3M’s vinyl texture is vastly different from 7’s original smooth, slick aluminum backing. Though it won’t add weight to your cell, it will add serious traction, so your fingers have something to hold onto. When you have a better grip on your iPhone, you’re less likely to drop it and cause something much serious than a scratch or scuff.
  3. Style
    Skin manufacturers may be using vinyl to create their products, but they won’t force you to wrap your sophisticated iPhone in its unfinished state. Decals give you the freedom to choose exactly what your phone should look like using many more colors and textures than Apple’s matte black, jet black, gold, rose gold, and silver options. You can update these basic looks to take on your personality, opting for something as personalized as mahogany with fiery red accents.

With protection, grip, and style, 3M vinyl decals are the perfect addition to your sleek iPhone. It adds exactly what you need without any unwanted weight. Keep it sleek and sophisticated with a customized iPhone 7 skin, and you’ll be able to show off your newest gadget without any worry about what sort of damage awaits you.

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