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Ecommerce Platform Review: Why is Shopify better than BigCommerce?

Leaving behind those days when people lined up in front of billing counters in a long snake like a line. Online Sales is probably the only thing which has seen an evolution like no other. With the advent of virtual shopping, shoppers are provided with a wide range of products just sitting at their home, also reducing the efforts made in cash payment. Not just catering to an easy mode of payment but also providing alluring offers, free delivery, and other discounts.

What is Shopify?

An ultimate solution to all business organizations as well as start-ups who particularly want to set up their own store online in order to sell goods, Shopify assists these businesses to organize and categorically shelf their products. Not just handling the online payment procedure, but also tracking, delivering, knowing the speed control and much more. To cut it short, Shopify is a solution which enables any business to move forward towards fame and prosperity in the market. According to a consumer, to avoid any kind of misguidance or defects in the online range of products, a solution should be even cross checked several times.

What is BigCommerce?

Not just offering a comprehensive set of features, a humongous app store, and a premium collection of templates, BigCommerce is basically a shopping software placed over the internet on a cloud. Helping developed businesses as well as start-ups to flourish a fully functional online goods selling the store. Just in a matter of 8 years from its foundation, BigCommerce has grown exponentially and developed into the largest eCommerce platform with over 65,000 customers and more than a total of $8 billion transactions. Expanding its reach in over 150 countries, it provides its users with some unique and unconventional set of tools and the most assorted templates to increase the store’s performance over the internet.

Shopify or BigCommerce?

Shopify being founded in 2006 and claims to be hosting more than 350,000 clients, on the other hand, BigCommerce is much more of a newer platform. Founded 3 years post the former it claims to be hosting over 65,000 customers. While comparing the two, it all comes down to the basic fact that both exhibit similar features at a similar price range.

Maybe the only advantage Shopify offers over BigCommerce is their well developed third party community. Bigcommerce, on the other hand, offers its own range of themes, templates, developers, and users.

To conclude with there is no right or wrong, it’s all about which one better suits the company’s profile.

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