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Extend 30 Minutes Battery Life While Playing Pokemon Go on Android

Pokemon Go has proved to the best app in the year of 2016, and it will go down to the history. This has demanded the players to move out of their houses to play the game which is an incredible game for an app like that. An app that can ask people to leave the house and go on the adventures journey in your own town to capture the Pokemon’s.

As we already know that when you are playing the game, you have to keep your Screen on all the time, you need to keep your smartphone data connection enabled on and also you have to keep the GPS on all the time, which pretty much drains the battery charge away. You will be left with no other choice to carry a power bank or an external charger. Many complained that the game could not be played for hours or a day without external power source.

There is no way you can charge your smartphone while playing because it is kind of annoying to carry it while playing the game. But what you can do is to take few steps and increase the battery life up to 30 Mins.

Extend 30 Minutes Battery Life While Playing Pokemon Go on Android

1. Enable Battery Safe Mode

The game is made in a way where the App saves your battery and try to give you the best output but you can always use an extra help, and you can do that by enabling the Power Mode or battery saver mode.

To enable it, you need to tap on the “Poke Ball” which is on the screen, and go to Settings > and check the Battery Saver.

pokemon go battery saver

2. Turn Off Augmented Reality (AR) Feature

There is a feature which is called “AR – Augmented reality” which is cool because the game tries to make the visuals even more stunning and more realistic and that the purpose of it. It would be better if you want to save battery and catch the Pokemon faster.

How To Turn Off: On the upper right corner, you can see the AR and turn it off.

pokemon go augmented reality

3. Reduce Screen Brightness

When you are playing outside it might hard for you see whats going on the screen but you can reduce the screen brightness a little to increase the battery life, and you will extend the life of the battery charge 25%. You can do that by reaching the settings > Display > Screen brightness > Adjust the level. You can also do that quickly on your notification bar itself if you are using Android 4.2.2 or above.

4. Disable Sounds

Did you know that many smartphone increase at least 5 minutes to 10 minutes of charge when they are on silent. You can turn your smartphone sounds “Notification, Ringtone, and alerts,,” disabling the sounds will affect the battery life, and you can do that by Settings > Music > Sound effects.

5. Get an External Power Bank

No matter, what kind of steps you take you cannot conserve battery life over 1 or 2 hours. There are many players out there who play tyhe game for hours without any break and it can alse be devasting for them go back to their car ro home to charge the smartphone from 0% to 100%. What you can do is to get a power pack to charge your smartphone on the spot.


Many of the methods out there are not the same as ours, these are the best you can find to extend the life of your smartphone charge to play the game. You can carry an external power bank as well if you are willing to throw few bucks to buy it.

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