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Download Game Killer Android App On Google Play

GameKiller App is the new hack for the die-hard fans of android games who love to progress further and skip levels. Since the version was upgraded on Google Play Store, it has had almost 10 million downloads.  The concept of this app is to use the “jailbreak” technique to hack into the offline gaming system at the source. Once the pre-defined source code is modified, levels can be skipped or coins and jewels can be increased in number. The compatibility of Game Killer with all offline games make it a flexible application.

Game Killer App: Compatibility With Android Games

The android games use numerous play tools. These tools include “lives”, “jewels”, “coins” and “keys”. Game Killer hacks right into the system and allows the user to make changes in the number of playing tools in order to enable the game to progress. These changes made by the user are directly reflected in the pre-installed code of the game. This overwriting of code is what provides “cheat code” support to users. Here are some games that the Game Killer App is compatible with.

  • Ball Pool
  • Hill Climbing Race
  • Temple Run
  • Asphalt8
  • Subway Surfers
  • Candy Crush

Game Killer works best with any kind of offline game that requires progress using tools like “keys”, “levels” or “coins”. This is because the data of the offline games is pre-defined in the memory of the android phone. So changing that is easier than changing the data on online servers for online games. So apart from the games stated above, there are other games which can be hacked using the Game Killer App.

Game Killer App: Essential Features

The Game Killer Android App helps in boosting the gaming experience for all users. Here are few features of the App:

  • Android phone enabled with rooting can only support Game Killer App.
  • Since the source code of the game is modified it is best to use the app for offline games.
  • There is also an option of changing the source code via Game Killer in a way that levels are incremented automatically.
  • The source code is immediately overwritten making the app a fast paced and flexible hacking tool.
  • Game Killer basically functions to improve the score in android games.

Game Killer App: Steps For Download From Google Play

Downloading Game Killer App from Google Play is a matter of few easy steps. Here are the pre-requisites and downloading steps:


It is mandatory that your android device is rooted before you download Game Killer App. This is because rooting a device makes the source code of all apps vulnerable to change. Thus it is easy for the App to hack into the game and overwrite the code.

Google Play Downloading Steps:

  • Search Game Killer App on Google Play.
  • Click on Download. Then give permission to the App to access all the data required.
  • After allowing access, Game Killer App will be installed.
  • Start the App and “Allow” permissions to root via Root Explorer.
  • Now open your offline android games and run it under Game Killer App .You can increase the levels and coins accordingly.

So what are you waiting for? If you are an avid android gamer, this is the perfect app for you. Enjoy!!


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