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Geometry Dash-An Amazing Game for iOS users


Geometry Dash is a mobile game that has been developed by a Swedish developer, Robert Topala. Consisting currently of 20 levels, it is a sound based game that functions on rhythms. The game has been published by the developer’s own company called Rob Top Games. Talking about the inception of this game, the developer had said that there was no concrete plan that had been laid out in order to design this particular game. It took him about 4 months to design the entire thing and it was explores as you design kind of a journey. The game had only 7 levels at the time of release in 2013 which are now free to use. The other levels require a paid version.



The features of the game are many. In Canada, the game has already reached popularity and has consequentially been named as the ‘Most Popular Paid iPhone app’. The iOS version of the game was released by Rob Top games on December 2015.

  • It has very colorful backgrounds and it is musical as well. Although previously it was developed for the desktop, now it is compatible in all kinds of mobile phones.
  • The makers of the game were inspired by the Super Mario Bros style of plat-formers.
  • It has a single player mode and the game falls in the musical arcade game category.
  • Other features that are inclusive of the game are Level Editors, exclusive background music, Map packs and hidden coins.

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How to play on an iOS device?

  • The game is very easy to play on the iOS device.
  • It is a game that can be easily played on the touch-screen of iOS devices.
  • The speed of the moving cube cannot be changed at real-time by the user. It has to be set at a particular speed by the player by using one of the 4 time portals in the game.
  • The main of the game is to reach the end of a level without being annihilated by the various barriers. However if that happens then the user will have to start over.
  • All 20 levels in the game are accessible right from the start and one of them are locked.
  • It is also not necessary for the player to play through the levels in order. He/she can randomly pick any level to play.
  • The icon in the game has the capability of taking 6 different forms which can be changed using 6 different portals. These forms behave differently.
  • This is the basic layout of the game; apart from this a player could unlock achievements by using a certain number of stars or by completing particular demon-rated levels.


The game has several unique features that may attract a player’s attention. Plus it has proved to be high on the addiction level as it is simple to understand and play as well as challenging at the same time.

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