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home Gadgets Goji is an Emoji keyboard that Recommends Great Food and Drinks

Goji is an Emoji keyboard that Recommends Great Food and Drinks

Now then, there is another introduction of the high tech keyboards, unveiling of Goji. Goji is an app that uses emojis to provide the best spot for activity. Earlier we came across predictive keyboards, doodle keyboards and even GIF keyboards from the latest mobile operating system from Apple iOS 8. Just a tap on one of the keyboard 48 gojis which include coffee, pizza, sushi , the beach, a bowling ball and much and you just get hold of the quick list of the three best places nearby. Not only that you can get further information by tapping and Goji inserts a link to the place in the conversation for you to get the correct direction.

Goji app

The keyboard, The Last Guide Company’s first product was founded by Josh Williams, who previously founded check-ins service Foursquare before he resigned from the company in 2013 after we haven’t heard from him since. Foursquare was acquired by Facebook in 2011. The most interesting part of the story is why does Goji show only three recommendations per category. The crux is that Goji is not at all practical.

Goji actually aims to make a search to find the best possible options available at that particular time and position. If you regard Yelp is for general local search and Foursquare for personalized local search, the Last guide product will just notify you what that best option available for that particular moment. The idea was to reduce the choices to the best three ideas for coffee, dinner or a sushi place. To provide a lot of options will make the customers puzzled to choose the right spot. The design was to decrease the paradox of choice. To spot having to decide the best alternative will certainly be inclined to recommendations from the people that you really trust or just the context in general as schemed up by Josh Williams.

Users can get up to three suggestions for venue in town by clicking the images on the screen The feature also come as they can text the locations to friends as well share the information via Facebook, Twitter or any other social networks. The recipients will get the suggestions if you are searching for a Beer hangout or a cup of coffee. The link received will have more information about the exact location.

Presently, Goji included the other yet to be launched services from Last Guide Products only operates in a handful of cities. They now operate in LA, NYC, Portland and San Francisco, but the company has plans to expand to other cities also. A really hard task in hands for Williams, as the last guide is basically is fueled by the various recommendations by the experts, instead taking use of the numerous data as used by Foursquare and Yelp. To overcome this hurdle, he recruited Meredith Arthur, a former editor of Chow magazine and also was associated with The Food network. But in an age where so much local recommendation circle around user data, is it the right time to pass on the ball back to the experts?