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Hackers to leak thousands of unauthorized Snapchat pictures

Wake up for an unpleasant surprise. Explicit images believed to have sent through messaging services are reported to be put online, with threats from hackers to upload more. Thousands of nude videos and images sent through Snapchat could be leaked hackers warned.


Earlier this week an anonymous 4chan user claimed to have received the on Snapchat, the third party messaging service that usually allows users to send pictures that disappear after a second. Now the messages posted on the 4chan suggest that up to 200,000 images will be released soon at an event dubbed as The Snapping.
The compromising Snapchat photos and videos are in the process of being leaked with the first leaked nude picture of Jennifer Lawrence and also other celebrities. An assortment of nearly 13GB private Snapchat is presently circulating through 4Chan. This is not the first time that Snapchat is facing security problems, but the time the bleach is through a third party app used as a catalog snaps. Users usually had an assumption that these private pictures would only be available visible in the Snapchat head office and the third party apps. They were completely astonished to see these private pictures circulated openly on the web.Hackers were in fact was able to access these videos and pictures that lets you save Snapchat interactions by the third party. Usually the Snapchat erases the pictures and videos in seconds.

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It is still unclear that who is actually responsible for this insanitary, the third party or Snapchat but the figure of suspicion points through a web service hosted at At the same time, these leaked unwholesome photos have also been tracked via the site Snapchat leaked. It actually suggests that this unlawful incident was being initiated circulated for quite some long time maybe some months back.

The company officials made a statement that Snapchat server were never breached and are not the source of this hollow incident. Snapchat further pointed out they are victimized by the use of third party apps to send and receive snaps. This in the terms of the use of Snapchat was prohibited as they had a notion never to compromise with the security of the trusted customers. The statement further clarified that the company monitors the App Store and Google Play for any illegal third party apps. The company was successful in getting rid of these most of the time.

At the start of this year about 4.6 million user names and phone numbers were leaked online. The most recent event the service has been suffering from spam messages being sent out from the useraccount without any knowledge of the user.
Whatever the company tries to elucidate, it’s a reminder that the propagation of the third party is a security at risk, a problem that have actually had to be confronted by the users. But most of the social network like Snapchat often provides a go ahead, encouraging the outside developers to fabricate new tools on top of their usual set up. This is an actual threat which the Snapchat authorities discovered, the results leads to privacy violation for the users.