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Holiday Gift Ideas for the Adventurer in Your Life-2017

Summer is gone, the days are getting shorter and the weather is cooler every week. Fall is here and winter is just around the corner. Along with winter comes a lot of things including holiday parties and gift exchanges. If you have someone in your life who loves to adventure, get them something they can use and enjoy on the regular. Here are some of our favorite ideas for 2017.

  • Camera

Anyone taking adventures will usually want a way to remember them later in life.The old saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words and with today’s digital technology, pictures look almost as real as being there in person. (better with a little computer effects). Find a small, durable camera with some features that may come in handy when out and about. Possibly something with water resistance in case they get caught in a storm. Also, look for something with strong video features. When you give it to them, ask them to send you the occasional picture or video of what they are up to and where they are in the world.

  • Backpack

A lot of adventures get a backpack and use it until it wears all the way through. Try to find out the condition of their pack and if it’s getting close, get them a new one. Try to do some sneaky investigating and find out what size they need and if there is any specific pack they have had their eye on recently. If you can’t figure out all the details, a gift card or short shopping outing can suffice. That way they get what they need, without paying for it.

  • Maps and Compass

Even though there are state of the art GPS systems that utilize today’s best technologies to help guide thrill seekers over the hills and through the woods, it is always good to have paper maps as well. Paper maps tend to be bigger and easier to make out landmarks or directions. A lot of adventurers will plan their routes on paper maps, program them into their Grainger and then pack their map at the bottom of the bag. This way they have it in case of emergency, but rely mainly on their GPS.

  • Hammock

The days of packing a tent, ground pad, and sleeping bag are far behind us. Nowadays, most serious adventurers simply carry a VERY small hammock. Waterproof fabrics and bug netting have enabled companies to make legitimate sleeping options to keep you dry and warm that don’t weigh more than a large baby. Check out some of the more popular camping hammocks on Amazon.

  • Survival gear

No matter the age or experience, every adventurer needs to have survival gear. This includes everything from water filtration to fire starting to staying warm. You can find everything online fairly cheap and make a small survival kit to give them or find a kit already prepared. If you decide to make it yourself, a quick internet search can help you with all of the things to include. Hopefully they will never need it, but simply having it on hand is a nice peace of mind.

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