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How Movavi Video Converter Can Fulfill Your Video Conversion Needs

Movavi Video Converter is a handy video file converter that can help you with all kinds of video conversion needs. Your current media player may not be able to support the format of the video that you want to watch. You may want to convert your video into a compressed format so that you can upload it speedily onto your video sharing account.

There may be too many videos on your hard drive and you need to convert them into a compressed format to free up some disk spaces. It could be that you want to play a video that is not supported on an Apple device. All these problems can be solved by getting a professional video converter software like Movavi Video Converter.


Movavi video file converter can convert multiple video files without crashing. You can add the whole folder of video or select multiple videos from different folders into the work area. There is no need to select the convert from format as it will automatically detect the format of the video you want to convert from. Once you have loaded the video files, you must select the convert to format. You will see that the supported video formats are already categorized according to its types such as video, devices, audio and images.

Since you are converting the video into another video format, you should select the Video tab. You are to pick one of the video formats in the video tab. If you don’t know which video format is suitable for your need, you should first do research on the web and learn about the benefits of each video format type. Once you have selected the video format, you simply click the Convert button and the conversion progress bar will appear on the screen.

If you know the format name, you can type it into the small search box and hit enter to quickly retrieve the specific format type in the result. In this way, you don’t have to keep on clicking the right arrow button to locate the format type that you are looking for.

Movavi Video Converter uses a powerful video processing engine to convert the videos into your preferred formats. It will not crash even if you have loaded a long list of video files to convert to another format. There is an Edit button that appear next to the video that you have loaded into the software. Clicking on the edit button will take you to the video editor where you can edit a video that is not up to your satisfactory level and make the video better.

If you are thinking of watching the video on your device, you just have to select the Devices tab and select the brand of your device such as Apple, LG and Samsung. When you selected your brand, a drop down list will appear and display a list of presets for different phone models along with the resolution, and convert to format type. You can specify the destination folder location via the save to   drop down list at the bottom.

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