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How to Check NFC Support on Your Android Smartphone

This is the age of file transferring where you can transfer files within a minute or so. There is many features smartphone are packed, and they are packed with the latest technology that changes people lives in many ways. From the past few years, we have seen that latest Wifi, and Bluetooth has made their way to a smartphone to Dongles, Laptops, and even data dongles. Now in addition to that a new piece of technology which has joined the family NFC.

Nfc is close to the WIFI, Bluetooth in nature but the difference is that technology is kind of unique that can only be connected when the smartphone is close to the range of 4 Inches, which is cool. However, there are only a few smartphones equipped with NFC technology. Many smartphones users are not aware of it, and they have completely disappeared because of lack of knowledge.

So we will show you if your smartphone has NFC functionality or not,

How to Check NFC Support on Your Android Smartphone

To confirm that if your smartphone has NFC feature or not, you have to download an app, which will help you find out if your smartphone has the NFC capabilities. Once you are done with the installation, launch the app and the app will start checking for the NFC capabilities and confirm whether if your smartphone supports the feature or not. The below images confirm that the feature is enabled on an NFC-enabled smartphone.

How To Check NFC Support Manually

Option 1: You can also test the NFC capabilities without downloading any app or any other service. You can just visit the official site of you smartphone model (Example: Apple iPhone 4S), and check the specs. The specs will confirm if your smartphone is NFC supported or not.

Option 2: You can also check the functions by going to the  Settings > Wireless and Networks > More. As you can see below in the image, we have conducted a test on two smartphones, one is Moto G3 which does not have NFC, and the other one is NFC enabled.

The left side of the picture, what you can see is a smartphone without the options of NFC, that smartphone does not support NFC. The other smartphone on the right is Google Pixel which comes with NFC inbuilt, and it supports NFC. The pictures will prove if your smartphone is NFC supports or not.


NFC has made an impact and also contributed in innovation. NFC has many uses, and it is very expensive, unlike Bluetooth or Wifi chipset. NFC has many uses, and it comes with an expensive smartphone. NFC is popular, but not many are aware of its functions, which is the downside of the NFC feature.

You can make payments to one bank to another or make any online payment without even touching your smartphone. That a is just trailer for the NFC.

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