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How to double your traffic with these 7 SEO tactics

Running a website for promoting your business or products is quite easy, but the real challenge lies in being noticeable to a large section of the internet users who can be your potential clients. There is no point of a website if it doesn’t have a considerable amount of traffic. Improving one’s traffic is a serious concern for everyone who run a webpage or a blog. There are certain SEO strategies and tactics that one must apply in order to improve the traffic. But most of the people are unaware of these tactics which can double your traffic. Hire an SEO consultant  who follow these 7 SEO tactics-


Mobile search optimization

One of the most important Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactic that most people tend to ignore is optimizing the site for mobile search. The increase in the use of mobile phone as a means to connect to the internet is the reason why you should design a mobile-friendly website.According to studies the average time spent on mobile phones by adults have increased drastically in the recent years. Therefore, mobile search has also increased. You must optimize your site for mobile search to improve traffic.

A variety of keywords

Using a variety of keywords instead of singular keywords can make your site more accessible to potential viewers. A variety of keywords can arrest the attention of those users who are not exactly searching for your content but is searching something else. If the keywords are contextual and related to that search, you become noticeable to this unexpected viewer. There are a number of keywords suggestions available online which can provide you with a wide variety of keywords that you can use. This strategy is actually effective in getting more than the expected views.

Social media

You must not rest assured if your website comes first in any search engine search results. There are many users who do not necessarily click on the first hypertext on the result page. Therefore, you should also make sure that followed by the link of your site there are links of your pages on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest on the result page of the browser. You must keep those pages and communities on the social networking media active. This will make your site worthy of attention to the viewer.

Audit your site

Website auditing includes scrolling and noting down of the different technical aspects of the site using website auditing programs. These programs detect the site for long and complicated URLs and those lacking keywords supporting Search Engine Optimization. It also checks for 404 errors and broken links. These problems should be detected and fixed in order to improve the traffic on your site.

Long tail keywords

It is very often that internet users go for long keywords comprising 4-5 word phrases in order to search for something specifically. You must also think of unique and specific long tail keywords which can to make yourself accessible those users who make these long specific searches.

Don’t ignore synonyms

It is recommended not to ignore the importance of synonyms in the scene of internet searches. 5 users can use 5 completely or partially different synonyms to search for the same content. It is necessary that you include the relevant synonyms for the products or the main feature of the content to make yourself visible to all these searchers.

Video sharing sites and paid ads

It is an effective way to upload videos describing your product on video sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. The fact can’t be denied that most search results consist of a YouTube video at the top of the list. If you have uploaded videos on these sites it will make your presence in the search engines more prominent. Moreover, the paid ads which can be seen while watching any video online, are also quite efficient means of reaching a large number of viewers. Uploaded videos and paid ads of your products online are very effective tactics to improve traffic.

These are some of the simple SEO tactics that most people are not aware of. Applying these tactics can improve your traffic effectively.

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