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How to Effectively Free Internal Storage Space on Android

Internal storage capacity nowadays is at least 16Gb, but that is not enough because of the heavy usage we are storing videos, data, games and apps on the smartphone. 16GB is no longer relevant as the 4k video has hit the market when you record on 4k the storage consumers at an enormous range.

So we have prepared a list of tested working methods on how you can use the apps and techniques to clean up some space for other data.

Want to clear your Internal Storage for other data? Learn you can do that easily without any tech experience.

How to Effectively Free Internal Storage Space on Android

1. Clear Cached Data

The quickest way to get out of the internal memory or insufficient storage capacity is to clear the cached data. You can do that by clearing the cache from the internal storage, apps, web browser and social media apps.

You must be wondering how to do that then follow my lead; First go to Settings > Storage Settings > Internal Storage > Cached data to clear the data, then tap on OK,

2. Find Get Rid Of Large & Unnecessary Files

There are many huge size files on your smartphone, and the biggest files are the ones who are consuming your internal storage. You have two options to that, and number one is to move the data to your SD card or delete them one by one.

As you know that the default options are not enough to find big files, so you can use Storage Analyzer & Disk Usage app, which is free on the app store.

After you have installed the app, open the navigation drawer, and you must see the option for “Biggest files“. Tap on it, and you’ll get your result. Now, to remove the required files you just have to long press on file, and you’ll get the option to delete it.

Once the app is installed on your smartphone, you can open the Navigation Drawer then look for the option called “Biggest Files,” then you can proceed. To delete the files within the app then Hold & Press on file, a pop-up appears where you can see the Delete Option.

3. Remove Duplicate Files and Photos

When you are using Android smartphones for a longer period then you tend to have files on your smartphone which are duplicate, send more than twice or sometimes you have files which are PDF, APK’s, Photos and more files. You never take some time and find those files which are duplicate and unnecessary media.

Did you know that You can easily find them with an app called Delete duplicated photos by an app called Gallery Doctor (Free), The app is known for finding the duplicate apps, media, and photos on your smartphone, which are not only found the duplicate photos but also finds those damaged and bad photos which cannot be used.


Remember, if you are using 2G then cache are made for smartphones to access the files on the apps faster. You can always use your SD card to move files. Sometimes apps take up space and you cannot move them to SD card but you can clear the cache.

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