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How to Find a Lost Android Phone Using Google Search

Smartphones are smart, and they are known for delivering things we can only anticipate about it. Things had indeed changed over the past few years, especially when Android 1.0 was launched and it was integrated never expected to reach where the Android is as of now.

Innovation has touched the world, and it has helped many people with the respective requirements. But there is one thing which will never change, and it will have a major impact on the users. That one issue is losing a smartphone which is only Huge but also expensive.

Losing a smartphone is not something someone would do on purpose, once the smartphone is lost, you cannot expect to get it back because that is how it works. However, you can get your smartphone which will not involve you going back to the places where you have been earlier, and it does not involve you filing the case in the police station. You can know the location of your smartphone and try to get it back without starting to look in the random places.


Google has evolved and has added many things which even they never imagined they would be working on right now. Google Location. Is an option you can use to track your smartphone location.

How to Find a Lost Android Phone Using Google Search

Well for this to work, you need to add an app to your storage, and you need a Google account which you use personally and professional purposes.

1# Let’s begin with the process

  • Install the given app “Google App.”
  • Once the app is installed on your smartphone, then log into your Google ACC.
  • Here is an option called “Cards, which must be enabled:.
  • Option: Enable Web & App Activity in it.
  • Set to Location Reporting to High Accuracy.

Now that you are done with the installing and settings then you are ready to locate your smartphone.

2# Locate Using Your PC

  1. Launch the Chrome or Mozilla Browser on your PC.
  2. Login into same Google Account which is used in the app.
  3. Search on Google for the search term “Find My Phone”, then you are good to go.
  • This will open a map, and the location is pinpointed on the map. The location will not be precise, but the smartphone is very much close.
  • Then how will you find it, if the location is not accurate? Well, your questions are answered. Once you are close to your smartphone, you can ring your smartphone for 5 minutes on full volume.


  • The location is not accurate, and that is the first flaw.
  • You can only find it by sending a ring to the smartphone for five minutes, what if the smartphone is hidden under the bed or a bag?.
  • If the smartphone is powered off or shut down then forget about the ring.


There are many other ways you can find your smartphone but currently this is the best option for you available for free.

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