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How to Find Someone on Instagram?

Is there someone who is your friend or long lost buddy on Instagram? You can find people on Instagram if they have an account on it. There are several methods to find out the profiles of your friends. Which is why we have made this guide for you to help yourselves when it comes to a friend on Instagram.


How to Find Someone on Instagram?

#1. How to Find Someone on Instagram for PC with Username?

Let’s proceed to the first method. Type your and replace your username with your buddy username. You should be able to find the profile.

Part 2: Find Your Friends on Instagram

As Instagram has several web based websites where you can access almost all of the features, and you can leverage from it.

  • Go to any of the webs base websites you are using. You can use any browser.
  • When you are signing up use Instagram login and authorize it.
  • Remember allow Instagram contacts to sync and search anyone using Name, Location, and username.

#2. How to Find Someone on Instagram App?

The vast majority of Instagram users are using the Official app so which is now crucial at this point, and we would provide a solution for those who want to find out users without access outside of Instagram.

Step 1: Pick up your phone and open the Instagram application. Don’t forget to log in with proper credentials in case you aren’t done the process already.

  • Uninstall your Instagram and remove all of the files related to Instagram.
  • Reinstall once you have deleted folders and cache of Instagram.
  • Log in your Instagram app and remember to make sure that you are not using spammed ID.
  • Once you are on the news feed board, look for the search button and type in the Name and location of the person and keep in looking for the person until you find it.
  • Another trick is Use Tags, Places, People they have been with, or you can guess that, and apply them together.
  • Type in Full Name because the result will be filtered the more information you put in and also manual search is always efficient. Keep one thing in mind, if you a person email you can use that as well.

Do you know how to find someone on Instagram by email? Or maybe you are looking for a way to find a person at Instagram with phone number or social media. Whatever it is, you can follow the method I am going to give next.

You can use the person Email, Phone number, and Social media to find the profile and username.

Wrap Up

It does not matter where you are from and what you are doing because if you have credentials or information like Full Name, Phone number or social media account you can find him/her.

The easiest way to find is to use another social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest and look for the person on other social media as well. Do you think we have missed a point then let us know in the comments.

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