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How to Get More Subscribers and Views on Your YouTube Videos

Grabbing attention using Youtube is not an easy task anymore. Unlike in the past when there were not much of the competition but now things have now changed. Youtube has now crossed the path and defeated social networking website Facebook regarding the traffic.

If you are planning to start a new youtube channel with a new idea, then you need more than just an idea. You need to learn few basics which will help you start your youtube channel. This will also assist those who wish to increase more subscribers and Views on Youtube.

How to Get More Subscribers and Views on Your YouTube Videos

Get Youtube Views, The fact is, views are easier than the subscribers. For views, you need content which is unique and should have information which nobody can find on Youtube platform.

If you wish to gain more views in short time then why don’t you look at the trending topics around the world views and build some unique content?

Remember, when you are using trending stories tab, you will know what people are interested in watching. A youtube used iPhone 7 Flop idea and built iPhone 8 advertisement at more like a meme. The video has over 6M views in just a day.

Focus on Subscribers

It is not an easy task to get more subscribers when you don’t have user engaging content from your end. When you content that people like to watch again (Daily Vlogs).

You need content that people like to watch even after a month or so. Daily add new videos to the list and make your audience watch them by uploading a related, entertainment and education video each day.

Add widgets and use annotations to build some attractive titles to tell your viewers to subscribe to your channel. Asking your audience to subscribe is more efficient than leaving it on the screen.

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