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How To Install Custom ROM on Rooted Android Smartphone

Have you ever think of upgrading your Android smartphone Android version to the latest possible? Of course, many of you have done. Did you know that the updates which are non-official are now stable and made by developers who are not part of Android developer team. Your smartphone will be able to perform more than before. Did you know that there are many smartphones which have very good specs yet they don’t get official Android OS update.

Unfortunately, those who do not have any knowledge or those who are performing the task for the first time ending up in bricking the device (Smartphone brick is nothing but freezing your smartphone to non-working state permanently.).


Today, we will show you how you can install custom ROM without bricking your smartphone, and you can do by following the steps we are going to show you. Remember, taking few precautions can always help you when your smartphone is the worse state.

How To Install Custom ROM on Rooted Android Smartphone

Basics To Learn

You need to learn basics before you proceed. Which recovery MOD are you using? In many cases, people are now using Philz recovery or you can even use Clock Mod Recovery.

Make sure to charge your smartphone to 100% or at least 90% but recommended is 100%. Because when your smartphone is installing custom ROM, you don’t want to interrupt it or else you may damage your smartphone.

Back Up Your Smartphone

Now, you might bethink that what is so special about it? Well, I’m not talking about regular back-ups like contacts or data. I’m talking about how you can back up your current Official ROM. Go to Recovery Mode > Look for Backups & Restore > Create a Backup of your current ROM (Makes sure to name it.).

Custom ROM & Prepare For It

Seem like you have now ready to install the custom ROM. Before you install the ROM, make sure to learn that the customer ROM is stable. Now, copy the custom ROM to your SDcard and your PC and Install your smartphone drivers using your smartphone brand PC suite. Your PC should be able to recognize your smartphone.

Install The Custom ROM

Go directly to your smartphone recovery mode and install custom ROM from SDcard. During installation make sure that you are not interrupting by taping on the back button or home button. Let the custom ROM install. If the installation fails, retry the whole process.

After installation, it will take around 1minute to 10 minute to boot into the OS. Remember, once you have installed it, head to settings and reset the custom ROM, then start using it.

Incase if you fail to install, restore your smartphone to official OS. Go to recovery mode > Back & Restore > Choose Restore and check for the backup you made.


There are many developers who are working on the custom ROM, but they get no benefit from investing their time on the OS. Custom ROM are not analyzed for virus and malware so make sure to learn about the license then install it on your smartphone.

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