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How To Move Files From iOS to Android by Google

One of the popular operating systems in the world is Android and iOS; Android owns the OS market as they have also provided the Android os for Tabs and Laptops + Tabs as well. Android has been revolutionized os of all time. The whole is now taken over by the Google Android. Ever since the release of the Android, the term itself has taken over the market.

Android has started its platform with just core and entry-level smartphones, but the smartphones took off like it was nothing after the requirements and the capacity of doing more has increased in Android. Android is an official initiate of Google to take their company and brand to another level and also to add revolutionary technology to the world.

Google recently said that they would not fall behind of Apple or any other company. Android developers have released an app or an option which enables iOS users who are planning to move iPhone to Android, to make it easy Google said they while switching from iPhone to Android, there are many things which be transferred like Music, Contacts, Photos and more.

Apple “Move To IOS”  – Last Year Release

Apple released an app on Google play last year for Android users who want to go to iOS phones and tabs. You can move files on Android to iOS devices without any issue on iPhone. The app-enabled many iPhone users to run comfortably without worrying about the data left on the Android.

Well, that app is needed when you a smartphone which does not support file transfer, does not have SD card options and can only be connected to the iTunes, not to the storage capacity.

Now that the brand or Google has released their first ever smartphone selling under the name of Google Pixel has come to the market, the Google is planning and adding as many things as possible to attract new users to their smartphone.

How To Move Files From iOS to Android by Google

This is the question, everybody is asking, how you can install or move your data from iPhone to Android. The solution which Google has explained is not the best nor the worst. It is far better than have nothing at your disposal. You can use Google Drive to transfer files from iPhone to Android.

This might not be the best solution which is available on the platform as of now but it works good and you can use that to transfer files from iPhone to Android.Not only that you can also move files like Contacts, Media. Emails and more from Google Drive.


This is the best solution Google has come up with for users who want to transfer Contacts, Emails and data from an iPhone. Have you recently transferred data from iPhone to Android before? then do let us know in the comments

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