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How to Optimize Videos for a Mobile Device to Save Space

Mobile devices have come a long way and nowadays their technical specifications tend to be impressive to say the least. That being said they still possess some limitations – most notably when it comes to the storage space that is available on these devices.


Many mobile devices tend to still be limited in terms of storage and most fall within the 32 GB to 64 GB bracket. Some offer expandable storage options, but even that rarely amounts to more than a couple of hundred GB.

Because storage is at a premium in these mobile devices, it is easy to see the benefit of optimizing the videos that you store on them in order to save space. While most people assume that there will be a loss of quality, when you’re ‘optimizing’ a video as opposed to simply ‘compressing’ it that isn’t normally the case.

The best way to optimize videos without any loss of quality on your mobile devices is to match the video to the mobile device specifications. That can be done across several fronts, predominantly encompassing matching the:

  • Resolution of the video to the resolution of the mobile device’s screen.
  • Bitrate of the video to the maximum bitrate supported by the mobile device’s speakers.
  • Frame rate of the video to the maximum frame rate of the mobile device’s screen.
  • Format and codec to a compatible format and
  • codec with better compression.

How to Optimize the Video

To actually optimize the video you’ll need to identify these areas and then convert your video to match them. Under normal circumstances this can be time consuming but with Movavi Video Converter and the presets that come along with it all that you really need to do is add the video, select a preset for the device that you’re using, and click a single button to convert your video. Alternatively it can be used to make videos more generally compatible and be used as a MOV to MP4 converter – for example.

It really is that straightforward to use Movavi Video Converter and in no time your video will be optimized to match the specifications of your mobile device. To further improve it you could also edit it and cut out any unnecessary segments of video, improve its quality, crop or rotate video segments, and add various forms of customizable text. Additionally you could convert audio and image files, create animated GIFs out of video clips, extract the audio from your video files, or grab screenshots directly from individual video frames.

In a nutshell, Movavi Video Converter will give you the means to fully optimize your video for mobile devices with absolutely no hassle. Its extra features will also come in handy at some juncture, and at very least will open up new avenues that you can choose to take advantage of if the need arises.

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