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How to Pick the Right Video Editing Software

The right video editing software allows you to create polished, professional video clips that others will admire and share. It is essential to creating quality video for one on one interviews, documentaries and well-received video content. If you pick the wrong software, you have to work with other software to complete the tasks you need done, adding time and increasing the possibility of errors both human and technical. Here are a few tips on how to pick the right video editing software.

Take It for a Test Drive

One of the best ways to determine if a specific video editing software is right for you is to take it for a test drive. Free versions of software don’t have all of the functions of the paid, professional version. However, the free version lets you see if the user interface is easy to navigate and how long it takes to run basic tasks. If the user interface is too difficult to navigate or tasks you do repeatedly take too much time, you want to use something else. Another way to take the software for a test drive for low or no cost is to find a bundle deal that contains the software you want to try out and software you’ve already decided to buy. Then, if you don’t like it, you can always uninstall it.

Research the Support Options

Learn about the options you have when you’re having problems with the software. There are free video editing software products that say they have great technical support… in their user forums. They advertise the active user community supporting each other. This means they don’t really support the product, and you’re hoping that a stranger will see your posting of the problem and come back in a timely manner with a correct answer. Some video editing software firms actually have great online resources for training and troubleshooting. Final Cut Pro free resources are particularly good.

Cost and Payment Model

If you’re buying software on a subscription, you should consider how much you pay per month or annually, not just what it costs to install and run. Don’t assume that you can pay the fifty dollars, complete your project, cancel the subscription and still access your files. While several big brands selling video editing software have shifted to the subscription model, you can still find video editing software to buy outright and install.

Now you own the software, it won’t update unless you choose to update it, and you never have to worry about being unable to access critical functions because the credit card tied to the subscription account wasn’t updated. Another option is finding free software that works for you and paying for premium functions or tech support when you need it.


If you’re going to pick a video editing suite, find a way to test the software out and find out if the video editing software has quality, timely support for technical problems. Also remember the long-term cost of owning the software, not just the cost to download it or install it today.

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