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How to Unblock Facebook using Proxy Site?

There are many ways to Unblock Facebook at your school or office but the fastest and easiest way to unblock Facebook is by using a Proxy Website. The reason why we are saying it is so easy and fast is that with Proxy Website you don’t need to download or install any third-party software or tool and you don’t need to pay money like for a VPN. You just need to visit the Proxy site, enter the URL of Facebook and you are done. Here is a small guide on How to Unblock Facebook using Proxy Site. We are using Gen Mirror Proxy in our guide.

Guide to using Proxy Site to Unblock Facebook

  • Open the Proxy Website in your Web Browser. You will see the homepage of the Proxy Website.
  • On the Homepage, there will be a box to enter the URL of the website you are trying to unblock. In our case, it is
  • If present, you can also click on the Logo of the Facebook directly instead of entering the URL.
  • Now, you just need to click on Browse, enter or Surf as per your Proxy Website.
  • It will open the Login Page of Facebook. Just Login and you are good to go.

You may experience a bit decrease in the speed as compared with the normal usage when you use a Proxy Website. But, if it is unblocking Facebook for you, a bit decrease in speed won’t matter much. Further, there are thousands of Proxy Websites available on the Internet but choosing the best can be little tricky. You should always opt for the one which allows you to encrypt the connection. Many Proxy Websites offers features like enabling/disabling cookies, JavaScript etc. We would suggest you use any of the below-mentioned Proxy Website for unblocking Facebook:

We hope you are now able to unblock Facebook. Let us know which Proxy is working best for you.

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