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How To Use Daydream on Netflix VR

Netflix is a premium platform for entertainment, and you can use Netflix for watching your favorite Shows, Movies and more as many times you want by subscribing to the premium version. There are many VR has now launched in the market and if you won one of them, then you can watch Netflix on your VR as well, which makes watching TV to another level.

However, connecting your smartphone to the VR then adding it to the Netflix would be a slightly difficult, fi you have never done it before, so we have going to cover step-by-step guide on how you can do that.

How To Use Daydream on Netflix VR

The process is not complicated, all you need to do is to download an app called Netflix VR from the play store, so launch the play store and download the app which I have mentioned. Make sure that your smartphone daydream compatible or else this will not work.

Once the app is installed then you should be able to launch the app and the app will ask you to login or sign up at first. If you are a new then you can get 30 days free access to the Netflix services.


If you are signing up then, you do not need to worry about the entering your card details because you can cancel their services once you are done with Trial Period and use the free version of it. Remember, that if you are using the app for the first time then you should be able to watch it for free for the first month or if you think you can cancel then again start the trial then it will not work and you will end up paying them $11 in advance.

Make sure that you are adding different email and credit card details so that you can access the free-trial period for time being. Or you might end up subscribing for the premium version.


Netflix VR on Google Daydream: How Was It?

Daydream is an amazing technology, and there is no way you would deny the fact that even an ordinary movie would seem like it is amazing because of the daydream VR.Since Netflix is supporting Daydream VR, you can expect amazing interface of it from selecting your favorite show to movies.


Well, you have agreed with one part where the shows are made for VR so that you will be experiencing those VR effects after all, but the Netflix has added many features which will improve the way of the watching the movies, shows and other content on Netflix. Did you know that after you are signed in the app, you can watch videos directly which have better quality and straight forward interface.



Netflix VR shows are not specially made for the VR, but you can experience better quality and also effects than the regular VR. Make sure that your smartphone is Daydream VR enabled. Do you think we have missed any point here? let us know in the comments


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