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How To Watch Netflix Offline?

Netflix is currently having over 69Millions paying users on their app, and the premium base is increasing. Not only that many users are now up[grading to the higher package because of the services and the company sales pitch is growing. But the Netflix lacks detailed information on how to DO THIS AND THAT on the feature they add to the service.

One of those features which does not have detailed info is about the offline Netflix, how can you watch and what is the process, which we cover today and help you take over the app features.

How To Watch Netflix Offline?

So finally Netflix has added the feature called offline where you could watch Movies and content on the Netflix offline without being connected to the Netflix.

Tap the Netflix app on your iOS or Android device.And sign in.

How To Watch Netflix Offline

One you are on the video, tap on for the options and look for the “Available For Download” option.

How To Watch Netflix Offline

The screen has all of the shows from the series, so you need to choose Offline Downloading & start downloading.

How To Download Movies On Netflix,

You should already see the new popup there telling you that now you can download that specific movie/ series offline. Then the pop-up appears on the screen confirming you that the download is active.

The feature is very much alike the Youtube Offline, which is a familiar feature now Google is using. Once the download is finished inside the app, you should be able to watch the movie or the show.

Quality Selection:-

Netflix already stirred the world up with it’s “watch offline” announcement no doubt, but they didn’t forget to add some additional perks.

Netflix when they decided to make it offline, then the world started to talk about it, and the quality of the video has some perks. Many asked about the quality as the speed and data cost would be high if the quality is of one format.

To set the quality on the Netflix in the offline watch then you need to tap on the “BButton” and the go to the “App Settings, ” and they go to the Downloads for the quality options.

As shown in the image below, this is where you can specify the quality you wan to download, according to your preferences.

How to record and download Netflix Movies/Episodes,

  • Standard for the lower quality.
  • The High stands for the best format they have got in their systems.

This comes in handy in two conditions specifically:-

  • Why Choose Standard: The first which hits my mind is that the Internet speed, you need is quite high or else you will end up in downloading the file forever.
  • If you choose High standard then the file size would be like 1GB or so, it is possible as there are many files on the Netflix which are even above 1GB.


Yes, there is no doubt that this feature which the Netflix launched is one of the best, they can offer, and they have to understand the needs of the users. The offline mode is nice if you have an internet connection which can download 1GB in the matter if minutes.

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