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HTC Desire Eye: The Best Smartphone for Selfies

Taking selfies have now become a passion. Posing yourself in different moods and angles, taking pictures with your smartphone is a trend these days. Apps such as FrontBack, Snapchat and many others to capitalize the craze have captured some share of the market. Even Apple in its iOS 8 has made it easier to send selfie. Mobile manufacturers like Nokia and HTC has even released phones in the past year, improving the capacity of the front facing cameras for the selfie lovers.

HTC Desire C

To match the rapid expanding trend and to capture the market share of mobile sale, HTC launches its new Desire Eye positioning as one of the HTC flagship device is the best option for selfie phone for the best output. The device is one of the first mobile bearing camera resolution of 13MP megapixel both in front and the rear. Accompanied with a technique of imaging tricks and a sense experience even if you don’t want to post your striking picture in your Facebook account or Instagram.

Desire Eye by HTC is not the first smartphone with the characteristics of bearing a 13MP megapixel camera. The first ever was KIRF called the THL W11 Monkey King which holds the title. But its HTC the first ever major brand with a worldwide market exposure will find Desire Eye available from October at AT &T for the US customers later will be expanding to the Asian and European markets.

This device is available in two colors, coral reef, white with an orangish red trim and the other blue lagoon a dark blue body with a light blue trim. The mobile is 8.5mm thick, weighing about 154 grams. The display size about 5.2 inches of 1080p. Slightly thickened out in the sides with a flat back. The thickness is good enough for that firm grip for you to hold tight. It applies the new HTC “double shot” design housing, which implies two tone, polycarbonate, a unibody design method that we are already familiar with the Desire 820. The look feels well- built and strong. Adding to these feature the device is also a waterproof rating of IPx7 meaning it can resist up to one meter of water for a time period of 30 minutes. The water proof feature actually provides an additional advantage to woo the customers.

Another cool feature of his phone is its clever new face tracking technique for video conferencing that can be locate up to four faces and display on the frame itself. Suppose you are in a Skype you will be able to see four frames of each individual, if those four not standing next to each other also. This will obviously make conference calls a little less daunting.

Furthermore, adding to its goodies of feature is also the crop-me-in mode that lets you take a selfie and be able to paste it to your rear camera shot. There are features like Face Fusion which allows you to merge two faces together, Split Capture which helps you to view the pictures in the split panel, Photo Booth that puts four pictures in a set of frames. If you say cheese the device will be able to detect the voice and be able to take your selfie is yet another feature.