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Hulu Android App Premium Account Review

Did you experience Netflix premium account features before? Then you must have experienced the way we watch movies and Hulu are similar to it, but it is for the Television. Hulu stands for traditional broadcast outlets and you cannot miss the daily shows which will appear on the Hulu with a day and some of them in hours. The competition is out there and the Hulu is keeping up to the pace, from Anime series to Movies. The Hulu is also assuring the subscribers that the shows on the Hulu will have a future as long as the shows remain active.

Hulu Premium Account: Features and Pricing

Let’s assume that you are using the username and password we are going to provide you then you need to know what you will get from it and how it can be useful to you guys.

Is Hulu Android App worth a penny you spend on the monthly subscription? then read the short but deep review we have it for you.

  • The first thing you need to know is that Monthly Payment is $7.99 USD, which is not a lot but if you are someone who has only 1 or 2 shows to follow then it is a hefty price.
  • Even when you subscribe the $7.99 USD, you may have to endure with the ADS which will play just like on the youtube, and you can avoid that by subscribing the $11.99 USD.
  • Hulu Premium plenty of shows you can try and not only that the current shows which are in contract with the Hulu will not change even after years.
  • Shows on Netflix sometimes disappear because of the deal issues but in Hulu Plus which ensures that future of the shows will not be drawn from the Hulu platform.
  • Hulu is working on providing and introduce the subscriber’s new shows & Movies to the platform.

FLAW: Despite paying $11.99 USD Hulu still plays commercial during and after the show which is kind of misleading in my opinion and but that does not matter because you will get that information without paying the single penny. These ads will play at least 30 seconds which is something common for the Television. You have bear with the ADS and do not blame us if you the ADS play during and the after the show because we have nothing to do with the Hulu Policy.

I would definitely recommend this app if you are someone who does not watch TV a lot but likes the shows. If you are one of those people who like the shows but do not have the time to sit in front of the TV and watch it on time then you should get it.


Well, the pricing is one of the main aspects you should be looking forward to because the prices are pretty not making any sense one’s. You can decide the price and the package.

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