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Best 5 Broadband Internet Service Provider in India

The Internet has become everyone’s need. It doesn’t matter what business are you in or if you need it for personal reasons. Internet usage has increased over the past five years from 9% odd population to 15% population in 2013, and it is believed that by 2017 30% of the population are going to use the Internet.

As the daily usage online has increased, there is an estimation that more than 5% companies are added in the country, and these companies require an Internet connection which is based online. Like Cyber Cafe, Digital marketing, and other businesses.

There are many providers in the country, who are promising to provide quality of service to the new customers but many are not able to satisfy the customer needs, and they keep on delaying the issue even for months. So to help you choose a better connection, here are the five Internet Service Provider.

Top 5 Broadband Internet Service Provider

Hathway Broadband Services

The first broadband to make it to the first on the list is, Hathway because the brand has been around for years and they know what their customers are expecting. They know their area very well and they keep on improving from the feedback of the customers.

You can call the customer care of the Hathway and find the latest tariffs, you can contact then Via cccontactinfo@Hathway Customer Care, or you can simply contact their customer care.

Things you can expect from Hathway,

  • Quick response on cccontactinfo@Hathway Customer Care.
  • You can use email for all issues cccontactinfo@Hathway Customer Care.
  • You can call Hathway customer care for instant support.

You Broadband

You broadband has a huge customer base and they become huge within a year and their customer base is kept on increasing. You can start your journey with You broadband with just Rs.350 per month. Which is the lowest package they are offering with 1MBPS and the FUP (Fair usage policy) is about 20GB, which is low indeed.

Airtel, Reliance and Tata Broadband

If you are a client or a person who is looking for quality of service and can pay few more bucks then you can go for any of these networks because they are known for delivering the quality product.

If you have a business or you’re in a position where you cannot afford negligence and do not want to compromise then you have to approach bigger brands like Airtel, Reliance, and Tata.

Act Corp & Tikonna

The act is a well-known brand who have been into this field for a long time now and they know their customers very well and the conditions which every customer put on the table before purchasing the Internet connection. Let me tell you Act fiber might be a good deal but be careful because they have a customer care with a bad attitude.

Coming to the Tikonna, the internet providers are doing good in the metro city but they are providing poor services in many parts of cities like Non-commercial places and residential areas.

Make sure to tell us which one of the ISP meets your requirements and  let us know your thoughts on if we have missed any point.

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