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IPHONE 8 RUMORS, Leaks and features

Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus already created a great place in our hearts, but wait for iPhone 8 is still in our minds. As the announcement of release iPhone 8 has already created a great suspense about its design, performance, price etc. They are rumors spread in the market about it.  We know everybody wants to be get updated with the new information of technology .We have gone through all the information and gathered something new about it. So that you can stand between your friend circle and showoff between them. So why not you give a check about it.


Finally, Say good bye to wires and chargers and say hello to wireless charging. Yup, you guessed it right. It is rumored that apple is going to add wireless charging in Apple iPhone 8. Apple is trying to make its product that much better that every tech lover will buy it. Wireless charging in iPhone 8 simply means that your phone is charged up from 15 feet away from any socket. A company said to be ‘Energies’ is said to be supplying the technology ‘WattUp’. This firm has previously boasted technology can allow the devices to be charged from impressive distance.


Some rumors also suggests that home button in IPhone 8 is going to be removed, as a finger sensor will replace it. Which means, home button is replaced touch super sensitive touch IT technology.  It is also rumored that iPhone 8 screen is going to be edge to edge OLED screen taking up the length and breath of the device. It could be featured an all glass design. The technology of front facing camera and iris scanner is inserted into it. After which you can easily unlock your mobile phone.


According to the rumors, it is said that iPhone is featuring a 3D camera inside it. It will allow you to click clearer and more beautiful pictures. IPhone camera’s lens is basically going to support two kind of camera’s that is 12 megapixel wide lens camera and telephoto lens. (Isn’t it nice). It is expected that telephoto lens is going to improve  in time for the launch of iPhone 8. After that you can take clearer and beautiful images from a large distance. It is unclearly expected that LG is working with Apple on the 3D camera feature. After that you can use those pictures in videos and games also. They will be seem like moving a 3-d cartoon character.


The iPhone 8 may feature an IP68 water resistant technology which is an improvement over the IP67 certification received by iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. Apple IPhone 8 will withstand in water upto 1.5 meters for 30 minutes while also offering dust proof protection. That means it can hold up to splashes and immersion in water.

IPhone 8 rumors has really started to excite me and I am surely waiting for it. Apple is going to release iPhone 8 in the month of September 2017(expected). Whenever we get any notification, we will notify you, till then if you have any doubt or query you can comment below. We will respond you as soon as possible.

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