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home Gadgets Lenovo unveils Yoga Home Theater Tablet

Lenovo unveils Yoga Home Theater Tablet

A new inclusion developed by Lenova is announced towards a new way to read watch connect and create. This innovation Yoga Tablet 2 Pro actually redefines creating a fresh dimension of your tablet experience. This latest dynamism was developed with Asthon Kutcher, who earlier joined Lenovo as a product engineer about a year ago. Yoga Tablet 2 Pro will certainly provide you a new dimension surprising to astonish the users with eye striking improvements supported by inbuilt premium technology. A great amalgamation of the hardware and the software feature that one of the unique proposition.

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The technological design is intended to get the best upgraded media experience. A built in Pico projector which lets you beam 16:9 high resolution image screen aid to its finest output. The walls of your room transform into an instant movie providing you with that larger than life viewing up to 50 inches. This feature is not the first ever in a built in projector,but Lenovo is one of the first band that pitched that the output projector quality won’t deteriorate even if the background wall in black. The picture quality remains the same.

The crystal clear sound is incredible, you just can’t believe your ears. This tablet for the first time is supported by a 8 watt sound system with a subwoofer technology. The dual large-chamber speaker are front faced with a dynamic audio, along with a subwoofer supports the deep bass notes, whereas the Dolby Audio and Wolfson Master HiFi ensures a multi-channel listening experience reminding you of the movies. The technology supports whether you are presenting in a meeting to all your colleagues or relaxing at home watching a movie.

The movie experience matches just like enjoying a movie in a multiplex.To add a little more spice, it also has a whooping QHD 2560×1440 screen, 8 MP real camera and life of 15 hours of battery.
The Yoga Tablet 2 Pro actually makes your lives easier. The user can interact and get connected with the tablet in a new way by just handing it anywhere that suits their purpose. They can also continue to enjoy with a better angle for reading, tilt to browse much easier and it can stand upright for close up content and digital libraries. This new wonder enhances your lifestyle. It is Platinum colored, thin and light, just 3.7mm of thickness and a weight of around 950 grams.
This new tablet runs on the latest 4th generation Intel Atom processor. This helps multitasking for a smooth powerful multimedia playback. With the Brewer app which is preloaded on the tablet helps to manage contacts from various apps into one address book.

This particular tablet is intended to all the growing demand of customers for a better digital media experience .The special features along with a host of other technologies of the Yoga Tablet Pro 2 exhibits an upper edge that you can ever think of that can be incorporated in a tablet. The price is suggested $499 in the retail market, and if you are opting for 4G it will be a little extra in some markets.