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Again Lollipop comes with the features of the Nexus 9

Nexus 9 is the latest version tablet with a Lollipop OS of Android for the coming generation and it is made with HTC based features. It is to be believed that this tablet is very soon to be launched to meet the latest requirements of the young generation. This would be available in the Google India’s Play Store. When it comes to be focused, it is considered that it will cost near about Rs 28,900 for the devices based on 16GB Model and Rs. 44,900 for the 3G Version along with 32GB Memory. It is covered with leather covering which will cost approximate Rs 2,900. According to Google, the Nexus 9 is an Ideal device for the perfect working attitude along with playing modes. It has a big screen measured 8 to 9 inches, which really provides a good working and playing space that is beyond of thought. But it is good to hear that before anyone purchases this latest tablet, he or she needs to check its excellent features.


This is the best features oriented tablet for the new chaps as with the powerful dual core processor built in this small device, the young ones can run the net very quick and easy mode. It is a sleek body shaped made with metal frame. It is based with the Android Lollipop so that younger generations can be able to use the latest features with their new tablet. The screen size is measured with 4:3 ratios. It is really powerful and incredible electronic device which is powered by NVIDIA Tegra K1 processors. The processor of this device is measured with 64-bit processing with 2.3GHz. It’s screen resolution is 2048×1536 Pixel. Its camera is powered by 8 megapixel and the front camera is 1.6 megapixel. It is powered by a high range of battery which is 6700 mAH.

Cause of selection

  • Soft grip back- As it has soft grip back and subtle curves which really make the tablet a slim profile. As a result of that, the tablet is suitable and comfortable for work along with the play.
  • Quality construction – As it is built with a thin bezel and brushed metal with the touch of unique color, the nexus 9 will become sleek and sturdy.
  • Powerful processor – it is facilitated with 64 bit processor and as a result of that, anyone can access the internet, check the mail, watch videos along with tweak documents.
  • Keyboard benefit – with the help of magnetically attached, completely responsive keyboard, anyone can type any word for accessing betterment on the way, office or at the home.
  • Attractive design – The color of the tablet is bold, shapes and textures are really good to look and the latest version of Android will provide lots of user experience in the coming generation.
  • Latest up gradation in OS – As it is processed with the latest up gradation of Android called Lollipop, then the most users can be able to get much more benefit in the using criteria.