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Microsoft Unveils Windows 10 but have to wait till 2015

Microsoft has come up and unveiling to launch its Windows 10 version of its operating system, supposed to be the next big version of its iconic operating system.  For the customers and the business operations only have to wait till 2015 before it will be available in the market.

windows 10

The Windows OS is in use with more than 1.5 billion people in almost every country in the world. The system spans a whole range of demographics from professionals to kids, from amateur to professionals. From the CEO of an organization to engineers, or a writer or a journalist to a gamer, everyone is engulfed with the application of Windows system.

The attempt has been made to blend the old and the new features so that a person familiar with Window 7 can easily adopt the new way to mold using the new features integrated in the new version. The new operating system will run on all hardware devices from mobiles to tabs and desktop. In addition to that it will provide software developers  with an  inbuilt application that can spawn in almost all platforms. The new version is made in such a way to help the customers to be productive both in their digital life and the digital world.

Windows 10, the new things to know about:

Applicable to a whole range of devices

The application will be embodied with a combined version of Windows and make available with specific utilization suits various devices. From your personal computer to your tablet or your phone this application is operational anywhere. It’s also connected with the everyday application. And more so its Xbox gaming console. The idea behind the development is to make the familiar customers easily understand with its similar framework with specialized tailor made application for your device big or small either your tablet or your desktop or even your huge screen television sets.

The differentiating factor

People using Windows 7 and Windows 8 would find the new version a mix of the two with more computing experience from the contemporary touch screen and on the go mobile access. If you are more familiar Windows XP it will be a whole new experience opting for Windows 10.

The new incorporation

Windows Live Tiles an app will give you a peep through information like new messages or the latest updates on Facebook from your friends.  A new addition is Window Store will have apparatus for tablets or PC or your phone will certainly make your life easy working on multiple apps at once. A new quadrant layout will allow up to four apps seen on the screen at the same time. People using both 2-in-1 laptop/tablet will be able to switch different modes .The again change of the start menu along with the taskbar, but will include a precise space for apps you like.

Targeted more to business users

Microsoft needs to get a positive feedback from the companies and in a way make them switch to using Windows 10. With more manufactures targeting 2-in1 laptop/tablets hitting the market, and more familiarity of the touchscreen application, making work done easily, this is the best time to come up in the market with a new version. Its also have to take notice its not too different from the earlier familiarity of the earlier version. To cite an example, when Windows 8 was launched which was too much focused on touch was hardly able to get any market share. Moreover, it was totally different from the familiar Windows 7 application.

Commence of Market Testing

Till the new Operation System is available in the market, Microsoft officials will be opening up a technical preview of Windows 10 targeting more to the IT professionals and computer enthusiast who are interested to test the new OS  and provide a feedback than typical customers.