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Millennium Telesystem Tablets M7 and MT701

Millennium Telesystems has launched two unique intel processor processed tablets named Millennium Tablet M7 and Millennium MT701 Tablet at a price of Rs. 8,999 and Rs 5,999. When you go for Millennuium Tablet M7, you will notice that it has 7-inch display with the resolution of 1024×600 pixel with the pixel density of 170ppi. The tablet runs with the up dated version of Android 4.2.2 jelly Bean and it is powered by Intel Atom Z2520 processor. It has 1GB RAM along with the imagination power VR SGx544 MP2 300MHz GPU for the purpose of graphics. The Millennium Tablet M7 is processed with 8GB internal storage and anyone can extend the storage capacity upto 32GB using Micro-USBSD Card. It has a 2 megapixel rear camera and 0.3 megapixel front base camera. The most important thing is that it has good connectivity as it is supported by 3G, Bluetooth, GPS, Micro-USB and Wi-Fi a/b/g/n. But when you go for MT701 Tablet, there is some minor changes. It is run depending on Android 4.4.2 kitkat version and the power of RAM is 2GB.


Both the tablets, Millennium M7 and MT701 are almost same when it comes to their features. Both run using Android version but the former is processed with 4.2.2 Jelly bean and the later is managed with 4.4.2 kitkat version. M7 has 1 GB RAM where MT701 has 2GB. The Millennium has the internal storage capacity of 8GB and the capacity may be extended up to 32GB with the help of MicroSD card. Both the tabs have good connectivity as both the tablets are supported by 3G, Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi a/b/g/n and Micro-USB. The tablets are powered by Intel Atom Z2520 processor and they are processed by VR SGX544 MP2 300MGz GPU for the graphics purposes. They are good at looks as a short size of display measuring 7-inch makes them more attractive. The model named M7 has 2 megapixel rear camera and 0.3 front base camera. You can run the sets for a considerable time as good quality battery 3000mAh give power them. It is good to hear that both the sets are much more benefit oriented than the charges of them. So, before you buy anyone of them, you need to have a look on the price.


Regarding the charges of both the tablets, no one has to worry muh as the concern of the company keeps an affordable price. For your betterment, you can compare the charge of these tablets with other tabs available in the market. In that case, you can go online and visit the official website of of Millennium Telesystem where you will get an exaction information of the products along with the prices. For your betterment, you can contact with the concern of the company using the phone number or email address mentioned in the website. You can the buy the device online doing the payment through the payment gateway provided by the company which is hundred percents legitimate.