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home Technology New Leeo Smart Night Light

New Leeo Smart Night Light

The smart home appliance company Leeo is finally ready with a new product a smart nightlight. The new device not only serves to provide access to the bathroom in the middle of the night, but also has the feature to monitor the temperature and the humidity of your room. Additionally, it also lets you know when the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are functioning when you are outside, not at home. It also functions with other hardware that makes the installation much easier with a maximum of five minutes.

New Leeo Smart Night Light

Leeo came into existence in 2013 was of much hype. The attributes towards this excitement was due to the all star tech teams and the leader the CEO Adam Gettings was earlier was the chief robot designer working with RoboteX. This company main focus was that to supply robots for the police and the first responders. The COO , Charles Huang associated with Leeo is also the co-founder of RedOctane was the creator of Guiter Hero. To add to the list of accomplishers is the Chief designer Robert Brunner was chief designer for Beats prior to the acquisition and also responsible for the hiring of Jonny Ive at Apple. But till date, the company was yet to come up with a new product until the inclusion of the smart nightlight. The Smart Alert Nightlight is supposed to be only the first step of modern tech home devices that the company is scheduled to launch.

Installation is damn easy

The main intention of the tech team of Leeo was to make this smart home tool easy for everyone to use it. The process of installation is very simple. Just you have to unpact from the box and the process of setup is just plugging in and connecting with your home WiFi. The Wi-Fi seup is mechanized via Leeo’s iOs app. But till now there is no support of Android yet. It’s just as easy as connected your laptop or iPad with your home network.

Alerting any mishaps

Most of us install devices to detect smoke and carbon monoxide that usually harm inside our home surroundings. It usually makes us aware alerting us to take precautions. What happens when we are out of home? This device alerts us on your smartphone instantly what,s the current situation of smoke or carbon monoxide even when we are outside.

The technology comes within the light is actually a microphone that takes note of the hazards at home. When any of the light goes off immediately sending a notification calls you to let you be familiar with the current situation. Suppose you are in a meeting or busy with some work and not able to attend the call from Leeo app, it automatically calls the next person on the contact list provides by you until someone picks up the call to acknowledge. There is also an additional advantage if the call list provided by you has leeo installed in their respective phone. Then they also will receive a push notification and listen to the alarm going off. Immediately they have the option to connect with the 911 operator.