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The New Nintendo 3DS

The new Nintendo 3DS is launched in Japan and scheduled to be available in Australia and New Zealand in the next month. The company plans to extend its wings to other parts of the world next year.

Nintendo 3DS

The all new 3DS is available in two new versions. The difference is only the size of the gadget more or less. The new 3DS XL has come up with a similar design of the existing 3DS XL, but with more features than the one available. The screen is a little bigger than the original one. The outer design is a little more user friendly as all the ports and the switches is now on the bottom than on the sides it was earlier. It’s now more symmetrical on its look. Customization can also be carried out on the new console by interchanging the front and the back faceplates.

The company has been focusing on the faceplates as a new feature to attract the gamers. The spotlight is on the dedicated themes and appearance of the new 3DS from the renowned Harajuku pop star Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. The marketing strategy also is on the new gamer friendly inputs to the new design incorporated.

The weakness

The drawback of the new 3DS is that is not at all re-ramped with extra new features. It is made of chunky plastic. The screen is of a lower resolution than a standard definition television. The output is out of date when compared with smartphones available few years back.

The strength

The biggest potentiality of 3DS to flourish is that it is not a smartphone. Its main purpose is to play games, which Nintendo has made changes in its design to make 3DS friendly to the user.

The older version 3DS and 3DS LL you had to put your very focused in a narrow spot, or your game will end. The new model comes with extra features. The front facing camera tracks the face in random which has a sensor and also adjust the on screen image. This makes you fell that extra punch with a much wider angle. The screen is 3.88 inch with a 400×240 effectual 3D screen.

This functionally makes the 3D feature more efficient and effortless to a gamer. It does not require heavy attention to maintain the momentum. It also makes the games like Star Fox 64 or The Legends of Zelda: Ocarina of time, which uses the gyroscope more attractive to play. The 3D display makes it much pleasurable to play and gives a pleasant look.

The additional hit this time is the extra buttons and a second analog stick named by Nintendo as the C stick. It is actually a Game Cube controller is a bit changed than the older version of the Wii U adaptor which was designed by Super Smash brothers. The function of the C stick and the extra solder pad duplicate the functions of the bulky C Pad pro which was earlier than the 3D model. It didn’t have much support than playing the Monster Hunter series.