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New Rugged Samsung Tab Active Announced for Business

What comes to your mind when you think of a tablet? An extra large screen where you can see the videos clear and big for a better experience, or browsing your favorite websites where you can read to get hold of the developments each hour. Just think it over. Samsung has come up with the latest,the Galaxy Tab Active, which will surely change the utility of acquiring a tablet. The newest addition in the Samsung family is rugged, water resistant and are targeted towards the business customers.

samsung galaxy active tab

Holding a tablet in your hand, its large thump device. The new inclusion the Galaxy Tab Active to suit the business clientele are thin and compact and also suitable to that different working environment. The purpose is to make seamless phone calls without any call drops and spills to resist itself in the most hazardous job locations.

Tab Active is more durable and can be compared with iPad Air have been specially designed to withstand drops from up to 1.2 meters with includes a protected case. It also classifies as sports feature of being water resistance down to 1 meter. It is quite easy to use with larger than normal buttons when you are unable to use the touch screen.

The 8-inch 1280×800 device screen is fascinating with crystal clear appearance. The display is surrounded a silver gray providing that extra grip. As the tablet is meant for rugged working condition suppose in bright daylight, the visibility should correspond with extreme functional revelation.

Targeting business preposition the camera specification is on a lower arrangement with just 3.1 megapixel for the rear-facing and a typical 1.2 front facing camera and can hardly match with the other Tab Active scenario. To put it on a different prospective, the camera is more suited for taking business related pictures than more a perfect snap of yours.

The Active does come with a stylus, the C Pen what you always find in a Samsung Note Pad device. But here the Note S Pen is a little thicker is an ideal situation using it with your gloves on when you are at your work may be on a construction site or a manufacturing unit.
Bluetooth headset you are suggested to avail while you are making calls as it seems a little out of the way to hold that big 8 inch phablet to your head while talking over the phone. The dialer is also present on the Tab Active, enabling you to dial without any discomfort.

Security of business information and data is the biggest concern of the IT department of any organization. To prevent this problem Samsung has come up with KNOX that works by creating an effective apparatus around job related date separating it with the personal data stored in the same device.

This new phablet will only be sold out to businesses and not directly to individual customers. The beauty of its look coupled with proper hardware implementation and Samsung’s version of Android in the navigation set up with water resistance feature makes it the best buy in the professional sphere and in harsh conditions.