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New Technology Gives Truck Drivers safe drive

Volvo Truck has developed new technology which can eliminate the risk of accidents caused by a limited field of vision as it enables a vehicle to do a 360 degree scan of everything in its surroundings. Interpreting like a human mind the technology can check to scrutinize the surroundings and imply actions to avoid accidents killing life and damaging property. Though this technology is still in the testing phase it will surely become a reality in the next five to ten years from now.

The new technology in the heavy vehicle industry is not limited only to VolvaTruck. Mercedes- Benz believes that it has gifted with a self driven semi truck that would also minimize the highway tragedies that happens so often killing thousands of lives.

Unprotected roads are accident prone when a lot of large vehicles move around along with pedestrians and cyclists in the urban areas. The newly developed technology of minimizing accidents resulted with the help of the unique research project by the Volvo Truck authorities called Non-Hit Car was in collaboration with Volva cars. For the very first ever the truck driver will be able to see a complete surrounding of activities and get information to evade any accident. They will get the information via sensors, radars and cameras placed around the vehicle. Above all, if the driver does not care to respond, automatic brakes will function all by its own.

The Future Truck 2025 as it is named by Mercedes-Benz is not able to navigate autonomously like the Google fleet of cars, but is quite capable of holding its own stride in the open road. The combination of advanced dual cameras, radar sensors and the latest-spot technology, the Highway pilot referred to by the Mercedes- Benz officials. The Future Truck 2025 will be able to scrutinize the road environment and get an idea of the traffic and the road condition. This technology is also in the research stage and have to be merged to access to a free towards occurring any accidents on the highway.
But once incorporated the driver can just sit back,relaxing and stretching his legs inside the Future Truck. This heavy vehicle will be hitting the roads with a lot of new innovations. A Samsung tablet in hand, a driver can even shift away from the wheel towards a more comfortable resting position. There would be various touch panels, wood floor, ambient light and a lot of space.

From the outside when the truck is on the road at a speed of 50mph, the front LED grid will change its color from white to blue and will be a striking visual cue for the nearby drivers. The Future Truck 2025 automaker also do not expect this concept to function from the very next day. They do understand to make it commercially viable, they have at least wait for a decade to come up zooming in the road. Both Volvo Trucks and Future Truck 2025 do have a vision, to drive safely getting rid of all the accidents that take away live of so many people every year.