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Notion link Cain: A beautiful Tablet is on its way

Notion Link will bring a windows 8 tablet named Cain which has not much design elements like its size, shape or in the sense of materials used to make this product perfect. The features of this little device are same as the function of Croma 1177 and it is based on the Intel processor. It is good in quality. Its body is made of plastic and there is a plate on the rear. The body color is deep brown which is really very uncommon and unavailable. The Cain is very easy to carry as it has weight of nearly 630 grams. Basically, it is heavier than a tablet, but lighter than most of the laptops. On the left side of the device, there are lined up standard USB 3.0 port, Micro-USB port, Headset socket, Mini-HDMI video output, DC power inlet and a MicroSD card slot. Anyone can charge Cain using Micro-USB port and it is very easy to connect with the USB devices through OTG. On the left hand side, there is a power button and on the top, there is volume button and speaker on the top. Anyone can use a functional track pad on the keyboard on the dock.

Notion link Cain Software and other specifications

Generally, Notion Link Cain runs with Windows 8.1. The Cain has “first Ultra-book which is like a tablet and memory can be extended according to your needs that you want. The Cain has Attom Z3735 as the 1.83GHz CPU, which really has the turbo boost frequency. The screen size of this little device is 10.1 with IPS LCD and its resolution is 1280×800. Both the camera , front and back cameras have 2-megapixel units. It is processed with 2GB of RAM and its internal storage capacity is 32GB out of which 24GB are accessible according to the user’s wish. When you go to check connectivity, you will notice that it is supported with Wi-Fi b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0. The Cain comes with a 32 bit edition based on Windows 8.1. When you get this one, you will receive one year office 365 subscription free. But the device has a little bit of drawback like the screen size of Cain is not suitable for traditional using windows desktop programs as it does not have any keyboard and mouse. At that point, the user will have free update of windows 10 during the time of its releasing.

Price of Notion link Cain

It is windows tablet processed with windows version 8 and when you go for its price, then it is really cost saving when compared with the same user friendly devices. In India, the cost of this device goes to Rs. 19,900. Paying this small amount, young chaps, students and other people who are really dependent on windows, can enjoy surfing the internet and download content with a good connectivity. So, take this one and before you buy this one, you need to have a look on Notion Link’s official website for your betterment.