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Philips Xenium X2566 is for Senior Citizens

Philips has recently launched a good and latest feature oriented phone and it is completely designed for senior citizens. The name of the model is Philips Xenium X2566 which is coming on the market having amount range of Rs. 3,800. The phone has best features which indicate a large front size with lifelong battery. Ultimately, it is ideal for old age users. The most important part is that it has the facility of magnifier with which anyone can enlarge the words on the screen. The phone becomes very unique with the touch of crystal multi-color injection molding technology. With the help of this phone, the user can set three SOS numbers for the emergency purposes. Whenever, the users give a press on the button of three SOS button, then and there, the handset becomes under the call of three numbers. It has also large hardware keyways so that user can use the keys in any way.

Specification in the features

Philips Xenium X2566 is dual sim supported handset with 24-inch TFT screen getting touch of 240×320 pixel resolution. The phone is designed with VGA resolution with 480×640 resolutions with inbuilt camera storage of 16GB and it can be expanded with a micro SD card. It has many more connectivity like GPRS/EDGE, Bluetooth and Mini-USB. The phone is powered by 1630mAH Li-on battery and it is to be calculated that it can go 1128 hours at a stretch in the standby mode and up to 24 hours for the purpose of talk time. The size of phone is 124.5×64.9x16mm and weight is near about 108.8 grams with blue color. After all, this Philips brand phone is awesome in looking and using.

Why would it be great?

As this handset is 24 inch enabled, so that the user can use this set for wider sense. With the help of the magnifier, you can enlarge the words just to show the words for a big reflection. For the purpose of huge storage, no one faces any problem as it has inbuilt 16GB memory and for the further extension, the user can increase the power using SD card. As it is pocket size, that’s why the user can carry the set very comfortably and easily. The good and stable battery condition will enable the user to talk to anyone for a long and even he can do his or her communication during the whole day.

How much is the charge of it

As the phone is processed for the senior citizen, then the authority of the company considerably think its price which goes to only Rs. 3,800 though the market price would be Rs 5,537. If any one compares the price of this phone with same feature oriented phone in the market, then he will understand the difference. Moreover the buyer can get the discount on the purchase amount if he meets the criteria of the discount. To have a prior idea about the cost, anyone need to get in touch online and should go for buying with a perfect concept about that particular phone.