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home Technology Plastc wants to replace your entire wallet with a single card

Plastc wants to replace your entire wallet with a single card

Do you remember Coin, which was launched last November that promised to replace your entire wallet with a single card? The device assured to fuse all your debit and credit card details digitally of a maximum of eight cards reducing it to a one single coin card. All you had to do is to choose which you wish to use between them. The other advantage that they guaranteed if you Swipe your Coin in any conventional card reader, it will immediately notify you that the card is lost or stolen using the Bluetooth technology. Coin was with a two year battery life along with companion apps to hold all your coupons and ID cards. But you haven’t got a chance to try this new technology as Coin is still not shipped.


Well now, it has a competitor. The new company in town, Plastc that wants to replace your debit, credit and store cards with a single digital ‘meta’ card with a bag full of promises will be harder to keep. This Plastc Card is the same size and thickness as a credit card but it can store, battery life, e-ink display, NFC and other high end features along with the usual magnetic strip.

You can charge up Plastc overnight on your wallet on top included a charging mat, but it can be used without charge for 30 days. Like in Coin, Plastc also comes with diverse security measures, like you have to enter your PIN code on its e-ink screen. Furthermore, you can only add up the number of cards only with your names on them making a little difficult to use for card skimming. It also features the ‘remove wipe’ mode,which can wipe your card which by any chance gets lost and have the technology to show your perfect balance on that particular date and time on its e-ink screen so that you can verify your bank balance before you proceed to pay.

Plastc is a perfect innovation that matches the supercard genre. It is designed to use Bluetooth technology and link to connect with an app on your phone. Information of 20 cards can be stored in a single 0.8mm rectangular slab and letting you pinpoint and select from which card you want to make the payment from.

Coin which was scheduled to be available in the market in summer 2013 is still yet not in stock. Recently the shipment was pushed back to spring 2015. Comparing the cost factor of Coin and Plastc, the original Coin cost was $55 to pre-order . Now the market rate of Plastc is $155 pre-order expected to be delivered in summer 2015. It’s a lot of money to be very frank, but there is a lot of technology that accompanies with this cost.

But the question is have we already left cards behind? Plastc is off an excellent solution to the ever bulging wallet problem. But the launch of Plastc is in an age where we have started moving from credit cards entirely with technologies like Google Wallet and the recently announced Apple Pay would be a different story for Plastc to sustain.